What household should do in extra time?

What household should do in extra time?

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Both men and women of the family get some extra time which is used in idle laughter gossip. Time-value is not understood in our families. Men often stay out of the house, embroiled in economic problems. Women either go to sleep after a meal or spend time in the house sitting in vain commentary, paraphrasing, removing evil, chewing, fighting, fighting with children, and playing.

Today’s era is warning us with a cry, ‘Get up, leave the sleepers, wake up and use every moment properly for your progress.’ Look every nuclear is moving forward, the industry is making progress. Who has the time to waste time in idle, idleness or in a vain commentary? Here every moment has to be set for progress. When the particle is progressive in the world, will you sleep in vain? Will we waste our time?

Daily schedule-

The responsibility of the female section of the family is more. Now the era is to progress. Use each moment appropriately and keep moving forward. Men and women of every progressive family should prepare the day-long program before the day begins. If the day starts, it will not be so much leisure that it can be thought that what important work is to be done today. Clever students, businessmen, teachers, engineers, contractors prepare programs for the second day at night. Women should take some leisure time by taking time out for cooking, routine work, house cleaning and child-rearing.

Two hours a night for men and 9 hours of extra time for women. If two hours are wasted from this, then easily the time of six to seven hours remains with the woman. Taking leave or not taking leave is a matter of our will and goodwill. Often men refer to their friends, and women mention hundreds of their works. She says- ‘What to tell! We do not get the time to die. It goes out like this throughout the day. There is no sweetness left in life. There is a stove throughout the day. This type of untrue and false speech is a pretext for uneducated lazy and non-progressive women.

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