Web Design Tools for Beginners

See in this content the importance of good design for your business and also learn about four simple platforms for beginners

If you work in the management of a micro and small business and also take care of the production of art for your social networks, or if you want to understand a little more about design, this content is for you. Here, you’ll understand why it’s so important to take care of your business’ web design. You will also get to know four tools that can help those who do not yet have expertise in this area.

Why is web design important to a company?

Are your products or services of quality? If so, translate this on your web design, website, blog and also on your social media. After all, an image that wasn’t well-crafted is not attractive to anyone, do you agree? Just think about your own experience and how many ads or photos you clicked because they caught your attention for their quality.

Thus, having a good web design helps to attract more potential customers, which can have a direct impact on the company’s revenue. In addition, it also helps when your brand is recognized by your audience. Want an example? Remember the famous advertisements for Itaú, Banco do Brasil and Coca-Cola.

Just by the colors and design of the letters, even if the brand name is not displayed, you quickly recognize who they are. Have this goal for your business: be inspired by recognized brands. 

Impact of web design on customer experience

So far, we’ve talked about the positive impacts of web design on the company. But and for the customer, what difference does a brand have with a good design? A good web design positively impacts your customer’s experience. However, it is worth remembering that, for this, a good design must also have other characteristics besides beauty.

Consider a website where you can find information easily, being able to solve your problem or complete an action in an equally easy way.  In this situation, your customer’s chances of making a conversion, that is, buying a service or subscribing to a newsletter, for example, are much higher.

So, every time you think about a website or even when to produce art for your social networks, remember a key part called the customer. Seek to listen to him, conduct research and monitor his behavior, through the performance of his interactions in the channels whose brand is present.

This will allow you to extract relevant information, such as what might have caused one customer to click on an ad more than another.

Web Design Tool Tips for Beginners 

Web design tools: Canvas

Have you thought about making your art, both for social media and print designs, such as business cards and banners, for example, in a simple and easy way?

Canva is a tool that can be easily accessed by cell phone and computer. It helps beginners to produce graphic pieces and logos , with a free and a paid version. The main difference between them is that, in the paid version, you have access to a greater amount of photos, videos and gifs, among some functions. However, the free version can help a lot.

In short, in Canva, you can choose the format you want, depending on the purpose. In it, it is also possible to find several ready-made art models, which can be edited, of the most varied themes and commemorative dates.

It is noteworthy that Canva allows you to share the file with other people who have the same tool and, thus, everyone can change the design simultaneously. Canva has two charging models in its paid version. The first is monthly, in the amount of R$34.90 and the annual, which costs R$319.90.

Web Design Tools: Logo Maker

Create your logo from your own smartphone, with just one click on Logo Maker Plus. This tool, like Canva, allows its users to create their digital and graphic pieces, without needing a great deal of knowledge in graphic design.

The Logo Maker Plus has free and paid versions. In the free one, you can have access to ten thousand editing options in addition to more than a thousand photos to use in your pieces.  Templates created in Logo Maker Plus can be saved in high resolution, in addition, the tool allows the creation of artwork for business cards, covers and banners.

Web Design Tools: Befunky

Befunky is an application that allows you to edit photos, collages and create designs for social media. In it, it is possible to crop and resize the photos to insert effects. Like the others, it also has a free version, which is more limited, and a paid version, called plus.

With Benfunky , you can create various design formats to be used on social media and also in print. The tool, like Canva, has pre-made templates, which speed up the creation of your pieces.  The plus version purchased monthly costs US$8.99 (about R$45 at current prices) and annually costs US$59.88 (about R$340 at current prices)

Web Design Tools: Desygner

Finally, we bring the management and creation tool for digital content and also for printing, called Desygner. Simple and intuitive, it does not require, like the others, prior design knowledge to use it. 

Desygner has several templates with the most varied formats: resumes, brochures, business cards, certificates, planners, among others.  Its main differential is the function of editing materials in PDF format and branded kits models. The Desygner has free and paid plans to the user.

we are visual beings

We humans are visual. Just as it’s important to have good photos, both on your website and on social media, your design pieces also need to be attractive.

After all, they are the ones who will carry your promotions, products, services as well as other important information about the company. So neglecting design can negatively impact your leads and customers experience, as well as your digital results from paid and organic campaigns.

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