True incidents of vision

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A citizen of London On the night of November 10, 1947, Jerman dreamed that Twenti would win a horse in a race called Lassister. As soon as he woke up in the morning, he met Mr. MV Kemwell, the director of Kemble Company, who sold a prize ticket for horse racing and presented him the money for betting on horse number twenty.

Actually there were not so many horse racers. He said that no horse of twenty number is there. Disappointed Jerman returned with his money back. The rush took place, and in the newspapers of November 17, a horse named ‘Tuventi’ won and prizes were placed on it.

Jerman’s head remained in tune. He did not understand the words of the dream as ‘twenty’ meaning it and wandered in search of this number. Money could not be found, but the Cemwal company, proving the reality of the dream, published that the dream of Jerman in fact Was right and he had a lot of inquiries and a lot of trouble about that number. But due to confusion of horse’s name and number, he could not get the ticket.

A teenager named Aidan Smith from Scotland had a dream many times that someone in the seventeenth century, wearing a costume worn in front of his house, digs. The boy said this in his house. When excavated, 80 gold coins were found in a copper vessel which belonged to the seventeenth century. A railway worker of Spain had three girls. His mother loved him very much and loved him dearly, but he had a bad dream that his mother became a witch and ran to eat him. At first those girls were hesitant to tell it, but after three times when all three started seeing the same dream at the same time, they were afraid and they discussed it. There was no such direct reason, so that dream was considered fruitless and ludicrous, but after some time a strange thing happened. His mother went mad and one night he badly injured three sleeping girls.

Mr. M.B., director of Camble and Company Richmond Suri Campwell, citing an incident, admitted that there is some truth in dreams and he has a deep connection with human life, according to him. A Londoner named German told me that a horse of 20-20 number will come first in the horse racing of Leicester, he has seen it in his dream.

On November 17, when the said event was published in the newspapers as well as the result of this competition in which only the number 20 horse had come first, the readers were shocked. People have experienced that dreams are not fruitless. The philosophy of the invisible part of life is also hidden in them.

Indian graduates studying in the form of Shri Udayakumar Varma then lived in ‘Dom Aspirantov Univaritsetskaya Tashkent 15’ and studied in Tashkent. When Mr. Lal Bahadur Shastri, the then Prime Minister of India Mr. Ayub and the Russian Prime Minister Mr. Kosigin gathered there for the Indo-Pakistan Agreement negotiations. One day a Soviet student living in the neighborhood of Shri Verma came to him and said – You can see us today of Shri Shastri, otherwise you will not be able to see him again. He also told that I had dreamed that he had died. Mr. Verma ji felt bad about that. Even then he did not say anything. That day, Shri Shastriji had a speech at Tashkent, the Oriental Language Institute. Shri Verma ji went there with the said student and saw Shastriji.

The same night, Shri Verma himself also saw in his dream that he reached the airport to bid farewell to Shri Shastriji, where some student is saying that Shastriji has died, have you come to see his dead body. After that sleep broke down. Shri Verma ji called the student and expressed his anger and said – Look, those things had an effect on my subconscious mind and I saw the same ominous dream in the night. But Shri Verma ji did not know that even one subconscious, from subconscious, is flowing everywhere in the form of life flow, it has all the psychic abilities and its feelings cannot be abrupt.

The whole world knows that Shastriji died on the same night of 10 January 66. On 11, when Shri Verma was about to send him off to leave Kabul, he received the news – Shastriji was no longer shocked.

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