Top 5 list of standard occupations for employment pass

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The employment pass Singapore scheme is one of the most sought-after work visa schemes in Singapore. That is because this work visa is meant for high-skilled workers. They have a high qualifying salary of SG$4,500. It can be higher if the applicant has established work experience and is older in age. In addition, if they will work in the financial sector, their salaries should not be lower than SG$5,000. Needless to say, being an E Pass holder will ensure a high salary, unlike the S Pass Singapore scheme.

However, not all jobs can get an employment pass Singapore application. There are jobs that will only get you approved for the S Pass Singapore visa. If you visit the Ministry of Manpower website, you will see the list of standard jobs that are eligible for the E Pass. To give you an overview, here are the top 5 list of standard occupations for an employment pass.

#1 – Managing position

Most of the jobs that are eligible for employment pass Singapore visas are managerial positions. Managers of different industries are eligible to apply for the E Pass. Whether you are a restaurant manager, a store manager, an office manager, or even an off-site project manager, you need an E Pass to be able to work in Singapore. They can’t be an S Pass Singapore holder because managerial positions are high-skilled jobs. This means that the applicant must have completed a college degree to be able to get this type of job. Thus, if you want to be an E Pass holder in Singapore, you should search through managerial jobs in Singapore.

#2 – Administrative position

Since managing jobs are considered for the employment pass Singapore pass, administrative positions are included. The main difference between an administrator and a manager is that the administrator has a larger scope of people to manage. Managers usually manage a small team of workers. While an administrator manages a whole corporate department or even the corporation itself. They usually manage employees not fewer than 50. Thus, if you will apply for an administrative position in Singapore, you should not apply for the S Pass Singapore scheme. An administrative job doesn’t just need an exceptional educational foundation but also extensive work experience thus making it eligible for the E Pass.

#3 – Licensed professional

Another occupation that requires employment pass Singapore visa to be able to work in Singapore is the licensed professional. Jobs that are considered for this category are those that must pass a licensure exam in order to practice their jobs. A  good example is a teacher of different courses and levels. Another one is engineers from different fields. Lawyers, doctors, nurses, and therapists are only some of the licensed professionals that need an E Pass to be able to work in Singapore. They can’t work in Singapore as an S Pass Singapore holder since their professional license will not get them approved for it.

#4 – Unlicensed specialist

Although you need to have a license to practice a certain profession, Singapore also accepts unlicensed specialists to work in the country. Although they prioritize licensed professionals, they also hire unlicensed ones. Usually, it is for the purpose of getting a highly-qualified assistant to licensed professionals. Since they are still a bachelor’s degree college, they can still be eligible for employment pass Singapore scheme. However, since they are not licensed, there are cases that they can apply for the S Pass Singapore visa. This is if they cannot qualify for the E Pass.

#5 – Entry-level corporate positions

Managers and executives are not the only corporate positions that can be eligible for the employment pass Singapore application. This is the same for any entry-level corporate positions or professions. Let us look at the situation of Patricia. Patricia graduated as a marketing major and had worked for a local company as a digital marketer for three years. She wants to work in Singapore and was able to get a job offer as a digital marketer. She is certainly eligible for the E Pass only if her supposed salary will meet the SG$4,500 limit. If not, she will have to settle for the S Pass Singapore visa which only has a qualifying salary of SG$2,500.

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A person can at least have one profession in his or her entire lifetime. That is why they need to choose wisely what profession they will take. This is very important especially if the person wants to work in Singapore. He or she needs to make sure that their chosen profession will enable them to get an employment pass Singapore visa. If you need professional advice on work visas in Singapore, contact Ren Ai Group now!

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