Top 10 Best Apps for Making the Best Memes on Android

Today, meme comics have become a trend among social media users. In fact, public figures are not spared in making meme comics.

Instagram and Path are social media that are most often used as a place to spread memes. Sometimes the contents of the image or writing on the meme do make us laugh.

Interested in making memes? we will provide information on a list of the best meme-making apps on PC or Android. Come on, develop your creativity in making funny meme comics!

1. Meme Generator

10 Apps for Making the Best Memes on Android 1

This is one of the editor’s choice meme maker apps on the Play Store. With over 10 million downloads and generally good reviews, Meme Generator is a reliable app in its field.

Meme Generator is equipped with a number of excellent features. Such as providing more than 1000 high-quality meme templates with lots of funny text examples, and special meme support that allows to use any image from your device with no watermark added to memes.

Another advantage that other applications rarely have is privacy. Your privacy is considered the top priority of the Meme Generator app. They don’t automatically upload any memes you create or import.


2. + Memes Maker

10 Apps for Making the Best Memes on Android 3

Another meme maker app we recommend is + Memes Maker. With it you can create memes in the form of photos, videos, to gifs. + Memes Maker provides a wide variety of popular and trending memes. It offers a huge library of stock photos of the latest & popular memes. It also allows you to create memes from the photos you have.

If you want to make memes in the form of videos or gifs, the app also provides a large gif library where you can create meme gifs as you wish. With relatively rich features, + Memes Maker is worth a try.


3. Memasik

10 Apps for Making the Best Memes on Android 5

Memsik is a free and open meme maker app that has got more than 5 million downloads on the Play Store. It lets you create memes with text/stickers/emojis and puts you in the meme community where you can find meme posts, sounds and discussions from the best meme creators.

Its meme maker features include a large and regularly updated meme base, providing all popular and classic memes, the ability to use your own images/photos/memes/stickers, to the feature of sharing memes to various social media platforms.

For its meme community, the app provides a number of features such as allowing you to be able to publish the created memes right on the wall within the app, being free to like and comment on the posts you point to, use the meme creator to express your opinion, etc.


4. GATM Meme Generator

10 Apps for Making the Best Memes on Android 7

GATM Meme Generator allows you to create memes from your own photos. Or you can create memes from content that is updated daily.

GATM Meme Generator has other features such as the ability to search and sort to easily find memes, view memes in lists or grids, preview before memes are ready to be created, and so on.

GATM Meme Generator has so far been downloaded more than 5 million times on Play Store. The average user is satisfied with the features offered by this meme maker application.


5. Turn off

Turn off the meme making app

Make your own memes! That’s the slogan of Memetic, a clean and colorful meme application . Previously, Mematic was only available on iOS devices, but now Android users can also download this application for free through the Google Play Store.

In accordance with its slogan, Memetic does not provide many meme templates. In other words, you should create your own meme based on your creativity using personal photos. Mematic is a simple app for beginners who don’t want to put a lot of fun in their meme photos.


6. Meme Generator PRO

Meme Generator PRO

So far, Meme Generator PRO holds the title as a must-try meme creator app. The reason is, this application has more than 700 meme templates that make it easier for you to create comic memes.

However, if you want to use the images contained in your device’s gallery, that’s not a problem. With Meme Generator PRO, you can create memes with up to 10 captions, multi-panel (comic memes), and various other customization features that make your memes look cooler.

Meme Generator PRO is available in free version and paid version. Both versions do not cause a watermark on your comic meme results.


7. Memedroid

10 Apps for Making the Best Memes on Android 11

Memedroid is a meme creator app that is constantly updated with the most viral funny memes, funny pictures and humorous content on the web. You can use it for free.

On Memedroid you can also browse and search for a large meme collection containing sports, political, or celebrity memes. You can create memes using popular templates or use your own funny pictures.

Memedroid also has an active community. You can connect with thousands of Memedroiders and meet new people from all over the world with similar interests while having fun or chatting and making new friends to share the fun with.


8. Easy Meme Maker

10 Apps for Making the Best Memes on Android 13

As the name suggests, in the Easy Meme Maker app you can create various funny memes easily and quickly. The application’s relatively small size makes it usable on many types of smartphones, even entry-level ones.

Easy Meme Maker provides thousands of meme templates. You can search for a specific template by name or tag. Apart from text editor, you can also customize text color, text size with more than 12 font families.


9. MemeNow

10 Apps for Making the Best Memes on Android 15

Although not as popular as other meme-making apps, MemeNow has managed to win the hearts of its users, who mostly give positive reviews. The result is a near-perfect MemeNow rating as of December 2021.

MemeNow provides various popular memes added and updated regularly. It allows you to view text as you write in real time, move text for free, adjust text size, text color, line color and line width, and choose from over 60 font styles.

On the other hand you can choose from over 1300 ready-made meme templates with tons of stickers to choose from (Thug Life, Emojis, Memes, Custom). One of its great features is that no watermark will be added to the meme!


10. Meme Maker Studio & Design

10 Apps for Making the Best Memes on Android 17

Meme Maker Studio & Design is a lightweight meme maker application, so it can be used and installed on many entry-level phone models. So far the application has been used by more than 50 thousand Android users.

Despite its relatively small size, the features packed into this application are quite large. You can create TextArt with funny, jolly, inspirational or anything else text art to your photos or images with this graphic design meme design studio. And many other features not mentioned here.

Because meme comics are currently always a trend in social media circles, there’s nothing wrong if you participate in making funny memes. One of the meme making apps above can certainly help you produce an interesting meme. If you’re lucky, your meme can be reposted by a well-known Instagram account, such as 9gag or Dagelan.


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