The visions could be right

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Angulation starts before the fever comes. You have to nauseate before being cai. The flower comes before the fruit arrives. It is a precursor to abdominal pain before delivery. Before an event comes into its scene, it starts to develop in space. The body does not suddenly become ill, germs have entered the body a long time ago. Even if the common person does not have knowledge, experts can test blood etc. before announcing the possible disease to appear in no time. In relation to a person who is chaotic, it can be easily predicted that he will fail. Most of the thieves and bandits have to face jail. If someone declares the dark future of the people engaged in these works, then it is likely that the former statement will often come outright. The business of the stores depends only on estimating the economic prospects. Visionary politicians predict a lot of future political movements. Penny vision and sharp thoughtfulness often fail to make future conclusions based on current event sequence. It was a matter of the macro world. Similarly, the basis of what is going to happen in the micro world has already been formed. Doing future activities for a person or mind that can understand it – it is not difficult to understand future possibilities. The dreams that make up the future sequence of events often come on the same basis. If filled with many supernatural human beings, the unconscious, if a little sophisticated, can predict the movements happening in the microcosm and as a result of which can happen in the near future.

There are also some celestial dreams which give a clear indication of the future course of events. The dream that was just seen – it seemed strange and impossible at that time, but in a short time it was seen amazingly that the scene seen in the dream became a reality later. It is also about the current situation. If two distant persons have a sufficient amount of intimacy and intimacy, then such intimates know the mutual situation without any letter, telegram or message. Such sensations become even more true about more important events like death or objection.

Martin Eban, the author of a book called ‘True Experiences in Proficiency’ (True Experiences of Prophecy), describes those four dreams of his life in a poignant way, titled ‘Four Dark Horses’. He is like this-

I have foreseen the death of my family and acquaintances many times in the same manner. I had my first dream when I was a little girl. I saw that I am riding in a horse carriage in which four black horses are engaged. As soon as I was sitting in the car, an invisible force gave me some orders. The car stopped at the side of a house and I went to the rear of it. There was a bedroom (bed-room) between the two rooms, after reaching there, I felt like a middle aged man lying down, his breath was deodorant, I screamed but he had no effect on the person happened. Meanwhile, I saw many women. He surrounded a young adult (shirt middle aged woman) and was enduring her. After that sleep broke down and I could not understand what all this was but some special effect of that dream was in my mind, because even after the sleep was broken, I could not forget him suddenly, that scene kept getting up in the brain again and again. I kept ignoring – now I think that such neglect has made many essential spiritual aspects of human life secondary and as a result, human life is moving away from the truth.

Those days I went to attend a torrent meeting. The very next day my roommate (Roop Mate) Alenda, who was a resident of Quebec, called me and told her that her father was ill, only a few days later news of the father’s death had arrived, just to be the first stop of the incident gone.

In July of the same year I went to Quebec city. Suddenly my eyesight became fixed on a house. I saw exactly the house that I saw in my dream. The bedroom, in the middle of the two rooms, hung a picture in the same room, it was exactly the same shape as I had seen in my dream, this house was of Olenda and she told that this picture is of her father, so I am shocked. She went and started thinking, did I see that dream as a foreshadowing of this event. If that was the case, why did he not see the dream Olenda? Did my mental state be religious and holy and the dream did not see me clearly and Olenda. While pondering this question, I sink into a depth and start to believe that in this world there is truly an omnipotent, omnipotent power, when man gets lost in it, he starts to experience the same thing himself.

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