The unexplained body flames

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On Sunday, 19 February 1888, an old soldier drunkenly climbed to sleep on the bundles of hay in Colchester, England, on Sunday. The flames of flame rising around his body made the body incinerate. The surprise was that not even a speck of hay burned.

In England, the couple named Mr John Fort was staying at Butlax Heath village near the town of Southampton. On 23 February 1905, after hearing the sound of a rattle from Jan’s house, the neighbours entered inside his house. Flames were spread inside. Mr The forts had turned into piles of ash lying on the floor. Mrs Fort sitting on the chair in the same room was badly burned and turned into coal. But the chair on which Mrs Fort was sitting was not even covered. A little away, the oil lamp was rolled on the floor, seeing the police were asked to find the cause of the fire. Setting a fire with a lamp meant that all the furniture, clothes, etc. of the room should have been burnt, but this did not happen. Therefore, the investigation was terminated, considering the couple to be an episode of ‘Accidental Death’.

In the cool of January 1932, Mrs Charles Williamson, a woman living in the town of Bladenborough, North Carolina, suddenly burst into flames in the cotton dress. There was no fire around him nor was his dress in contact with any flammable substance. Her husband and the girl took their life off by burning clothes. In this way, the incident had happened to him three times. After this, a pair of Mr Williamson’s paint was hung in an almirah, also caught fire and was burnt to death. After this, the bed and curtain caught fire. Many items of the room were seen burning in a blue flame, but no other objects lying near them were touched by the flames. There was no smell nor smoke of any kind in this flame. The object that was on fire was completely consumed.

Various celebrities — Arsen experts, police squads, gas and electricity company experts — were all called. But the reason for the fire remained mysterious. This fire continued for four days and suddenly ended on the fifth day. No one had the answer to this fire, conducted by invisible hands.

In 1907, two men were apprehended by two policemen while carrying the body of a burnt woman from Maner village in the district of Dimapur, India. The body of the woman was presented before the District Magistrate. Flames were still coming out of the body inside the cloth. The woman’s room was inspected. No signs of external fire were found there.

These incidents show that human power is not just made of chemical substances, there is also the intensity of vital energy in it. This electrical store is generally used for maintenance of the body. A large part of it remains unusable in a dormant condition. There can be innumerable uses of life, with the help of which humans can prove to be much more capable than now.

The incident occurred on July 2, 1951, Mrs Mary Hardy Roger, a resident of Mary Street, a locality in St. Peters Berg (Florida), USA, was found to have a strange burn in her house. On the evening of 2 July, Hardy Roger gave a party to his friends and his house was filled to the brim till midnight. The laughter of friends was echoing. The party ended late in the night and Hardy, leaving Roger his friends, came lightly and lay down on his bed. The door of his house remained closed until late in the morning. Landlady P. Carpenter thought that Roger was still asleep due to waking up late at night. It’s time for her to go to work, so she should wake up.

Thinking of this, Mrs Carpenter knocked on the door of Roger’s house but received no answer from inside. After knocking on the door two or three times, when no answer was received, Mrs Carpenter thought that Roger must have been deeply asleep, so he should wake himself up by opening the door. Thinking that to open the door, the landlady screamed out of her mouth as soon as she placed her hand on the brass lock. The brass coil had become so hot that it had been heated by the fire for hours. Mrs Carpenter’s hand was burnt by that.

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