The mystry about dreams

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‘The Under Standing of Dreams and Due Influences on the History of Man’, a book published by Hathorn Books New York, mentions a dream of Adolf Hitler he saw in 1917 at the time of the French Front. He saw that the soil around him had sat down to the brim, he and his companions buried in molten iron. Hitler escaped, but only then did the bomb explode — at the same time Hitler lost sleep. Hitler had just got up and stood in a real explosion, which caused the surrounding soil to collapse and all his soldiers hidden in the trenches died with guns. Hitler did not forget this analogy of dream and visual life.


When we sit to review this kind of vision of the future in dreams, then it becomes clear that consciousness resides in human body, it is as infinite as the expansion of the world universe and through it we look like a real visible movie of the invisible seed can understand more. This is based on the level of consciousness. That is why Indian mystics place more emphasis on the development of psychic consciousness than the development of the physical world. The entire culture of Hindu religion and philosophy has been based on this fact and has been taken advantage of for centuries.

When the mind falls asleep, it is awash with its own ability to create the desired things by its choice options. The normal state of happiness and sorrow remains connected in that condition as in the awakened world. Just as the sacraments of the creature in the awakened give him spiritual happiness and joy, and keep the design of a fixed future, in the same way, the dreams that will come in a moderate and pure mind will be a symbol of the bright prospects of the future.


The result of the dream is penetrating in this way — the elephant is a symbol of helpful companions patience, dignity and nobility. The entry into his stomach means the flamboyant son signifies birth. Knowledgeable, the preceptor of happiness and peace, will have great qualities, be quiet and serious, divine and great. The meanings of all the above symbols have been interpreted by the admirers from the point of view of the qualities and effects of those things which proved to be appropriate. While reviewing your dreams, the usefulness of the objects seen can be used as an analysis of their importance and qualities, then many obscure dreams can also be interpreted and can make a living from them.

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