The limited mind of human can’t perceive limitless universe

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Man has till now considered himself the best creature of the universe. It has also been believed that no other creature has received as many good grants, personalities and specialities as God has given him. This belief has increased his pride more than making him proud. But when the camel comes under the mountain, then it is known that the camel is not really the highest. With humans too, such a situation has happened in the past, when the existence of life in other planets and constellation stars was discovered and it was found that other worlds have a more advanced civilization than Earth, then this arrogance of man is broken.

Whatever was known or believed in the past is not necessarily true. Knowledge is eternal. The truth is infinite. It is possible to know only a fraction of it for man’s limited intelligence. As we go on a gradual journey of progress, we get closer to the truth. That is why we should be ready to welcome every new ray of truth. It is said that sitting on the prejudice and going and keeping the same truth is not a sign of intelligence.

The Earth was once believed to be orbiting the centre and other planetary stars. The sky was considered as flattened like a sheet, but the moon is no longer recognized as such, the calculation of the moon has now been removed from the new planets and placed in the Earth’s satellite. Three more planets have joined the solar system.

The people of the past have held various beliefs about the heavens. The Greeks believed that the Gods residing in the clouds ruled the whole sky, it is hard as iron and rests on the shoulders of the earth.

Mexicans believed 22 skies, 13 skies above the earth are heavens, of which only the first is visible with the eyes. There are 9 skies under the earth which are hell.
The Red Indians of South America consider seven skies, of which five are two above the earth. They also tell their colours to be different, blue, green, yellow, red, golden, purple and white respectively. The rulers of all these are people of different nature and nature.

Assumptions are not a line of stone. Today, on the basis of which we believe one thing to be true, tomorrow the definition will be changed when the basis is changed and will be forced to leave the old rendering. There is no insult to the rendering actors of the past. He said what he thought to be the best truth according to the circumstances of his time. But no one has said that what they are saying is final or absolute. Elemental viewers always said that what is being told is not final, not complete. This fact has been accepted in philosophy and there is full scope for future exploration and change of thought.

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