The internal arrangement is an art

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The internal arrangement of the house is also an art. It is often seen that there are two types of members in the house – 1. They are engaged in work, 2 – Relaxing summers and doodles – These people enjoy more and do not work in the same proportion. The working class mainly consists of the owner of the house, the mistress, a person who has experienced big bows and other responsibilities. In the second class, young people and girls studying in school, new brides, guests or students from other homes who came to study are counted.

After studying your family, find out which place is there in both these classes. Your policy should be to take the task that best suits his age. A family is an institution in which everyone has equal rights. It is also right for everyone to do the work. Otherwise, the foundation of the family will collapse.

Various household workers: –

Make a list of all the household tasks. Suppose you have the following tasks in your house – sweep the house, cleaning the rooms, flick of the meeting, decorating, milking or fetching from the market in the morning, caring for animals, buying vegetables and other essential items from the market, an income of Rs. Making accounts, preparing household food, cleaning utensils, teaching children, preparing monthly budget arrangement of medical and medical arrangements, travel arrangements, postal arrangements etc. To do all these tasks, choose the following worker from the family.

1. Home Minister, 2. Traffic, 3. Foreign Department, 4. Health Department, 5. Earth Minister.

The Home Minister should do the work of the principal, who keeps all the minor details of the house, keeps the family attentive to future difficulties, protects the family from the fight, takes care of the family’s reputation, decides the general policy of the house. The second major task is that of the Minister of Earth. This person should be clever in accounting, budgeting, keeping a good account of studies, purchasing food items during the season and saving. Keep an account of the pie in the house. Prepare the budget before the month and turn it one by one to all the responsible members. Ask about their needs and mention them in the budget. Protect the family from getting into debt. The traffic minister should take care of travel, hospitality, passengers. Foreign Minister, letter-letter, calling for newspapers should work to maintain good relations with outside guests. If all the people of the house move forward by dividing the work separately in these works, then the work of the house can be done in a moment. There will not be any undue burden on anyone.

Waking up early in the morning if every member puts a broom in their own room, picks up their own bed, puts soap and space after the bath, and the towels wash, put their clothes at the designated places, it can be very convenient. When every single person leaves work and takes care, the work seems like a mountain. If each man continues to do his work, then everything is settled within a moment.

It is not good to depend on the servant. With the arrival of a servant, there is a lazy doodle in every person’s mind and a sense of rule over the other. After a few days, the servant runs away from the workload. The same situation is with the cook. Imagine how a meal could end if the cook sat for each person. Everyone should make a habit of eating what they eat at the appointed time.

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