The era of turmoil

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“Due to the increasing industrialization and nuclear tests of the twentieth century, the amount of poison which has increased in the environment has led to flooding of genetic diseases, physical and mental diseases all over the world. A new generation of handicapped and handicapped is being prepared which will be two-thirds of the world’s 6 billion population after 2040. This is the opinion – of Christopher Norwood, who has written a book on radiation tests – ‘At the highest risk’. They found that the amount of radiation in the urban areas of America is ten to fifteen million times denser. Due to this, toxic poisoning has spoiled the environmental balance of the whole world.

The process of destruction is very painful. It is from these possibilities that a person becomes fearful and even more apprehensive about the future. Death is a natural process, yet its form is very gruesome. The loved ones are seen crying and weeping. The way the funeral is done, it seems that it is important to do all these in this bitter and heart-touching manner. The kingdom of gloom is overshadowed in the whole house. Image of the deceased – The activities of the living period revolve before the eyes. It seems that the whole event, the law of death, is a divine curse. The beautiful artefacts that God has made with his hands, he breaks them so mercilessly as if he has no connection.

This matter is being discussed specifically in this context, the submitted constitution and the time to come is full of similar tragic events. Untimely rains, droughts, pandemics, tornado-storms, unpredictable changes in weather, earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, the uncontrolled population as well as uncontrolled growth in armament power, failure in all efforts to prevent crimes, mutual malice and Circumstances like the instinct of isolation show that along with corrupt thinking and wicked behaviour, the underlying circumstances have also changed very fast these days. It can also be said that distorted thinking also contributes to the creation of the disturbed environment presented.

To understand the root cause of all these, we have to thoroughly understand the comprehensive change process related to the university. The cycle of nature has a fixed set sequence of birth, augmentation, chronicity and death. If it were not there, everything would have remained constant. There is convenience instability, but the beauty of innovation and the enthusiasm for change are eliminated away. God needs change and living entity too. Today, in the era of change which is coming in the form of global warming, in the turmoil that takes place, there is consternation, mercilessness, but it is not deplorable. There are also pleasant possibilities behind it.

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