The element of intelligence and wisdom

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Regardless of the manner in which man can prove his superiority on the basis of many pieces of evidence but, is there any substance in it? that should also be checked.

It is believed that the basis of human superiority is the element of intelligence and wisdom. In it, qualities of duty, benevolence, love, cooperation, sympathy, kindness and sensitivity are found. But on this basis, it can be considered best only when other beings of the world lack these qualities completely and human beings fully project these qualities. If the existence of these qualities is found in other beings as well and they also render it, then what is the meaning of the ego to consider man the best creature of the universe.

Lions, elephants, rhinoceros, cheetahs, bulls, buffaloes, ostrich, crocodile, fishery etc. How many land and aquatic creatures are found in this creation of God who has hundreds of times more powerful than humans. Fish can swim in life for a lifetime, birds fly in the sky day by day. Can humans compare them in this matter? In terms of diligence, elephants, horses, camels, bulls, buffaloes, etc., are useful and domestic animals prove to be as hard and useful as humans may not be while there is a huge difference between the food of these animals and humans.

Like animals and birds, self-respect and craftsmen cannot be human. Animals and birds never depend on anyone for their life and utility. You find your diet in forests, caves and water. They do not require any guidance and no indicators. Animals and birds themselves do not depend on each other in this regard. They also take measures for their defence and health without asking anyone wherein any field of life, self-reliance like animals and birds is found in humans. Here, humans are so dependent on each other that if they do not help each other, then it becomes difficult to live.

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