The development of intelligence in children | Part-1

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The development of intelligence in one-year-old children is evident through the performance of emotions, but after two-and-a-half years, many important changes are visible in the child. The head of the family should assist in the development of the child’s maturing mental powers. The secret mind offers its special services for three years. Hence, in the early period, complex mental glands are produced in the secret mind by scolding, beating, torturing or keeping them under strict control. In this period, love, sympathy and affection should fill it with enthusiasm, as soon as goodness is generated, it is best to admire heartily, giving children small gifts, choppy toys, dog kittens and other items.

Child development in 3 to 6 years –

At the age of 3 to 6 years, the mind starts its work. Initially, the mental sensations, thoughts or experiences that he has got are now becoming clear. The child does not get the impression of the situation, he starts understanding the situation. His personality begins to be established and he begins to thrive. In that period, the child wants to do different tendencies from hand to toe and by this he gets knowledge. The poverty of parents, lack of subject teachers, lack of favourable system, mental development of the child stops.

The statement of the expert named Madame Potessori that at the age of 3 to 6 years, the child is ready to take up education, but the teaching and the rites can be observed only on the child’s instincts, that is, his self-effort depends on his enthusiasm you should be motivated to try yourself. By means, he is able to take the sacrament. Apart from this, the child also becomes capable of the development of character, but at this age, the child can accept the things of development by himself. Elements cannot be loaded on it. For character development, every member of the family should put the role model in front of the child. He will learn everything by following ideals. One can learn many things about the policy through command. At this age, the child asks for more and more words. In the utterance of these words, he appears to have a strange rasa. He should also give names of new fruits, vegetables, individuals. In household items, attire, locality, cow, buffalo, goat, etc., he starts thinking. If the names are taught by direct objects at the age of 3 to 6 years, the child gets them even when they are tough and tall.

At this time, the imagination of the child also develops. Therefore, they take a special interest in the interaction of fairies, snakes, magic stories, amazing things. As age increases, the child grows his knowledge through this imagination. Taking experience from the situation and imagines them. His curiosity is awakened to discover new things. He will ask many types of questions to parents and family. Careful! These questions should not be suppressed, but some answers must be given. Those answering should take proper care of the child’s receptive power.

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