The change is essential

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When the body becomes old, the waist begins to bend, the legs falter, diseases like asthma, cough start taking place in the body. The order and rate of death of body cells increase whereas, in that proportion, the order of their birth continues to decrease as the body getting older. This process is mandatory because the only way is to remove the unfortunate, ugly so that a new body can be born.

In today’s circumstances, there has been a disproportionate expansion of ugliness, inefficiency, imperfection, desirability. The physical features have increased, but the consciousness that was developed with it did not increase. In such a situation, a holistic ‘overhauling’ is also necessary to change the human being who is not happy himself, nor wants to see others happy, who do not see any scope of improvement in future. This is what happens in the process of smelting and moulding, cutting bushes and planting picturesque gardens. This activity seems to have done a lot of gruesome, frenzied behaviour, but only for innovative and enjoyable creation.

Even those who keep themselves confined to the immature abdomen appear to shrink to their own selfishness even in such circumstances. But those who have intelligence have no difficulty in accepting why such situations were created and what can be the solution? They also know very well that irrespective of the limited community, everyone will have to suffer. This is an eternal law system, which must be accepted only after drinking a bitter sip. Targeting compensation is not possible without creating such a demolition for prevention of inconvenience. If human effort can be selected in this direction only by choosing the foresight, then the result and nature of the demolition can be reduced. Even a small community can eradicate the possibility of this degradation if they are determined. To explain, the truth of choosing foresight has no effect on them. A gentleman and a compassionate heart judge also have to execute the sentence of execution in a particular situation. No matter how kind the administrator is in private life, he has to manage the executioner. The only purpose in this is that the offender should be punished, but others should also get an education. Animal-instincts, whether they are individual or macroeconomic, have to take shelter of the penal system to explain the importance of bestiality. There is no choice in less than this. This purpose can be understood, the ruin of disturbing nature, behind today’s mass torture.

Today, as the prevalence of kindness and ruthlessness, the declining level of thinking and character, the collective reaction of the illiterates in the society, their collective reaction is seen as only one culmination – the world seems to be a mass suicide by man. Have collected only a lot of money and there is no effective way to overcome that disaster.

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