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What causes a weak immune system? | Why immune system weakens? | Disease where immune system is weak?

The body’s immune system can affect from many things and it’s responsible for many things as well. When the system is weak from particular diseases, poor health, or poor nutrition and eating habits, many health problems can occur.

There are a variety of diseases, conditions and syndromes which can effect body’s immune system.Nowadays, we can say that these conditions are due to the immune system during the reaction.but there may be more to it than just that.

Immune system overreacting

The human body does not act sporadically or randomly. There is always a purpose with what it does and usually the primary purpose is to try and keep the body alive – at all costs. So when the immune starts doing things that seem like it’s over reacting, it may actually be reacting to other stimulus or problems deeper within and all we’re seeing are some of the results of what it’s trying to do.

Eliminating foods

There are many excellent examples of the body trying it’s best to keep the body alive, despite people’s best attempts to do otherwise. When someone is trying to lose weight, for instance, they may try starving themselves as a way to shed weight quickly. In their mind the problem with their weight is an over abundance of food, so by eliminating foods they should theoretically begin to lose weight.

And this can work, if you’re supplying your body with proper nutrition in some way. This is why juice fasts can help people lose weight. If you simply try to starve yourself though, and drink just water or tea but take no nutrition of any kind, your body will stubbornly hold on to every ounce of weight it can. Why? Because it thinks you’re in starvation mode, so it’s trying to keep you alive until the famine passes.

Water help your immune system

Another example is similar, but it happens with lack of water. Your body will conserve water – even at the expense of you getting kidney stones and kidney infections – if you’re not drinking as much as it needs every day. The body assumes that since you’re not getting enough, you must not have a readily available source of it, thus it needs to conserve as much as it can to keep you alive.

Yet another example focuses on the bodies immune system itself. There are many skin conditions which millions of people have. These are chronic conditions which often cause problems all throughout a person’s life. Conditions such as psoriasis and eczema for instance, all look as if the body’s immune is simply over reacting to some kind of trigger. So the body starts producing skin cells at much faster rates than normal.

Herbal and natural remedy specialists however, have found that by treating the entire body as if there’s an illness or disease deep inside and cleansing the internal organs and waste disposal systems, help the body’s immune system to get back into balance. This in turn stops the skin related problems.

Boosting the Immune System Naturally With Herbs | Supplements to boost immune system | How to boost immune system naturally

One of the easiest ways to help boost your body’s immune system naturally, is to use quality herbal supplements daily. Herbs are a form of food. In fact, herbal supplements are simply dried and ground plants which are then put into a gel capsule for easy squalling.

This means they’re very much like a condensed version of healthy vegetables and fruits, and they’re packed full of excellent nutrition for your body. Some people consider herbal supplements to be super foods, and when you think of them as condensed vegetables, you can see why.

Excellent herbs for vitamins, essential and minerals

There are some excellent herbs which are so packed with vitmains, essential minerals and trace nutritional elements that they make excellent sources of daily vitamins. Kelp is one of these herbs, and parsley and alfalfa are two other excellent herbs which are packed full of vitamins and minerals too.


Kelp is high in natural iodine and iron. The natural iodine helps regulate your thyroid, and that in turn helps fight off germs, bacteria and viruses in your body. This makes Kelp a natural boosting herb for your body.

Kelp is also quite high in calcium, potassium, magnesium and other trace minerals too, and it’s an excellent source for most of the B vitamins as well.


Alfalfa is another power packed herb which can really boost your body’s immune systems. This herb is rich in many vitamins such as calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, and trace elements our body’s need. It also contains essential amino acids our body’s need, it has the highest chlorophyll content of any plant, and it’s a source of carotene and Vitamin K.


Parsley is another excellent vitamin rich herb. This one is very high in Vitamins A, B, and C. In fact, parsley has three times as much vitamin C in it as citrus, and Vitamin A stimulates the body’s immune system. Parsley also contains more iron than any other green vegetable, and it’s high in potassium too.


Dandelion is another herb which is very high in vitamins and minerals, and it’s especially good as a source of extra calcium. If you take non-herbal vitamin C supplements for longer than three or four days, your body could become depleted in calcium so you’ll need to supplement that. Taking an herbal supplement for Vitamin C is usually best, since herbs contain a wide variety of other essential vitamins and minerals.

Boosting and Strengthening The Immune System | How can I strengthen my immune system against viruses | How to boost immune system quickly

Have you ever noticed some people just never seem to get sick? These are people who have very strong, balanced immune systems. And you can be one of those people with the proper approach.

Natural ways to boost immune system

There are many completely natural ways to boost, strengthen and balance the body’s immune system. These natural approaches generally involve changes in dietary habits, fitness levels and other lifestyle changes. There are plenty of natural herbal supplements that can help boost the body’s immune system as well.

Boost immune System with Food and dietary Habits | How can I boost my immune system fast?

Food and dietary habits are one of the best ways to boost the body’s immune system, because many of the modern day problems with our immune systems are caused by lack of nutrition and poor eating habits. Simply by cutting out simple sugars and starches from your diet and adding more vitamin rich foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains, you can start helping your body’s resistant system to become healthier on it’s own.

Signs of a strong immune system | importance of fitness level for healthy immune system

Your fitness level is an important part of keeping your body’s immune system healthy, too. When you are in shape physically, you tend to have more muscle and much less fat. This makes all of the standard body functions operate at more efficient capacities.

You don’t have to have a lot of muscle bulk for this to work either, you simply need to tone your muscles, trim the excess fat and be more active. When your body is more fit, the blood flows better, the heart is stronger and toxins filtered out of your system more efficiently. Your body is better able to deal with viruses and bacteria and other problems we all come across each day.

Toxin that impacts immune system | How do toxins affect the immune system

Adding less toxins and harmful things to your body will naturally help boost the immune system too. When you purposely add toxins in the form of smoking, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and eating a lot of junk foods, your body has to do extra work trying to clear those harmful things out. When the body is really busy clearing out extra toxins, it can be more susceptible to bacteria, germs and viruses.

Nutrition for Healthy immune

Increasing your nutrition is another excellent way to boost your body’s immune system. we can do this by eating the right foods as mentioned above. Sometimes our foods are chemically treated, though, or we’re not able to get enough nutrition just from the foods we eat. So herbal supplements are another approach to boosting the body immune .

Herbal Supplements

Most natural herbal supplements are the actual herb plant. It’s just dried and ground into a powdered form, then place inside a gel cap. This means herbs are like condensed, super strength vegetables. They can provide you with a wealth of nutrition, vitamins and essential minerals the body needs to keep the strong system of immune strong and remain healthy.

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