How to stop dog toenail from bleeding

How to stop dog toenail from bleeding

Domestic dogs, especially those constantly living in rooms and rarely walking on hard, rough surfaces on the streets, need to be regularly shortened by their claws. Inexperienced owners can cut them incorrectly, and then it will be necessary to decide How to stop dog toenail from bleeding. It is important to know how to properly trim your pet’s claws and how to stop the bleeding resulting from careless actions.

Features of the structure of dog claws

Like human nails, dogs grow claws all the time. If not trimmed, they can grow overgrown. Long claws cause distress to the dog, twisting and growing into the pads of the toes. If the wound becomes infected, it can become inflamed and fester.

Even more dangerous is the situation when too long claws literally twist the joints of the toes so that the animal cannot step on them. Timely clipping of the nails can prevent painful conditions. Puppy comprehension of the procedure will become easier and easier if it is taught to it as soon as possible.

Unlike a human nail, a dog’s claws are thick and have a “pulp” with blood vessels running through it. Cutting them too short will cause bleeding from the damaged capillary. It can be very strong and long-lasting, so pet owners need to know how to stop the bleeding.

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How to cut a claw correctly

In order not to provoke bleeding from the claw, the first time to perform this procedure is with a veterinarian or an experienced groomer. He will show you how to do this and explain How to stop dog toenails from bleeding.

It is easiest to trim off light coloured nails in a dog. The border of the “pulp” is clearly visible on them, so the risk of damage to the vessel is minimal. It is best to trim dark claws gradually, using a flashlight to see when you should stop.

The calmer the owners during the process, the less the risk of injury, and the dog behaves peacefully and does not break out. Nervous dogs or animals with problematic plates (damaged, ingrown or thinned, inflamed) are best taken to a good groomer, he will do everything correctly, quickly and painlessly.


What to do if your dog’s toenail is bleeding

Using a special guillotine tool is the best way to prevent damage to the claw. Even if blood appears on the claw, take action as soon as possible. An open wound threatens infection, and bacteria getting under the claw can lead to suppuration, in severe cases to blood poisoning. Heavy bleeding is dangerous, in such cases it is better to immediately take the dog to the veterinary clinic.

5 Tips to stop dog toenail from bleeding

01. If, after trimming the claw, a dark speck of a blood vessel is visible on the cut, but blood does not flow, you can limit yourself to disinfecting the wound with any suitable means with alcohol, vodka, hydrogen peroxide, iodine or brilliant green. If the dog limps while moving, it means that it hurts and the nerve endings are damaged. Until the plate grows back and the soreness subsides, you can apply a textile adhesive plaster to the nail or place special boots on the dog.

02. In the presence of bleeding, the most effective method will be the use of a dry powder of potassium permanganate (“potassium permanganate”). The damaged area is simply “dipped” in powder or applied to the wound with a cotton swab or a match. Crystals promote rapid blood clotting and vessel thrombosis. The blood stops flowing. The damaged area should be covered with a sterile bandage, especially if the animal lives in a booth outside and runs on the ground. The next day, if there are no problems, the bandage or “shoes” are removed.

03. Another simple and radical remedy is an alum or a special styptic pencil. You can buy it at any pharmacy and keep it close at hand for such cases. Like “potassium permanganate”, products based on burnt alum almost instantly stop bleeding, forming a dense clot. Simply press the pencil against the cut for a few seconds

04. You can replace “potassium permanganate” and a pencil with talcum powder or baby powder, but these funds are less effective. Streptocide powder or any antibiotic powder is fine, but these remedies are only effective for minor injuries.

05. In an emergency, you can use folk remedies crystal sugar (used in the same way as “potassium permanganate”), as well as juice from nettle leaves, berries and viburnum leaves. They contain vitamin K, which helps blood clot.

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Extra tips

It is only effective if a medium-sized vessel is cut or if the blood flow is not overly active. A very high cut plate threatens severe bleeding, as well as an accidentally torn claw. Therefore, after the initial treatment, Taking the dog to the doctor is necessary.

Before performing the procedure, you need to take care of the cleanliness of the dog’s paws and disinfect the instruments. In case of capillary damage, this will help reduce infection risks. Experienced breeders recommend not pruning before important events and exhibitions, the dog may limp.

Correct and regular pruning ensures the animal behaves calmly and minimizes the risk of vascular damage.

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