Skills of different small creatures

Skills of different small creatures

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The combination of many art crafts like building construction and cloth weaving, basket making makes the nest making mode known. Most bird births are known by birth without getting a theoretical education and practical education in a factory. Thus, all birds make nests suitable to avoid the weather effects and to protect the eggs, but some of them have proficiency.

Vaya’s hanging nest makes everyone wonder how much beauty and fragility it has built, and its creator has to be praised. Via of South Africa has taken a step even further. She not only keeps the snakes of the nest tightly but also tightens the noose and so that the storm cannot spoil it. In this technique, she also uses sheep’s wool but in most cases, she uses only the long and strong ones. From this point of view, the hair of the tail of the horse and donkey seems more suitable to him. Sometimes even the hair of elephant and pig are tight in it, sitting on the tail of these animals is also a different skill in its own way. Looking at the snare of hair between the straws, the education that is given to make various knots in scouting, the handloom that girls wear in weaving sweaters etc. all falls behind.

Far from talking about mature birds, even undeveloped birds living in eggs, when approaching near competence, break out of the egg cover by their efforts and enter the free environment of the free world.

When the egg is ripe and the time for the baby to break out is near, it trembles. By touching or putting an ear, it can be seen that slang is cooking inside it. What is this all about? It is a struggle by the child to break the egg and get out. The child tries his best to fulfil his power and strength so that he gets freedom from bondage and has the opportunity to live independently. For this, he completely collides with the egg wall and continues the struggle until the strong shell above is shattered.

Many times these birds stand up to challenge humans, then they lose their consciousness.

Some time ago, a jet flying in the sky collided with a jet at Boston’s Logan International Airport. As a result, the ship broke down due to engine malfunction and 63 passengers were sagging.

Some of the birds not only have intelligence, but their affectionate goodwill is also seen. It is found in them courtesy which humans will have to learn for a long time.

Birds follow the husband and wife, and once they have established a love affair, they live it with a lifetime of loyalty. The titties lay eggs on the deserted shores of the sea. They mingle eggs together. Settee without discriminating her ward. If a female flees in search of fodder, another will take her place. In the same way, they have a lot of convenience in taking care of eggs and children together.

From hatching to hatching, to raising children, the male and female work together to complete the couple’s responsibility to be a partner and contribute to childbearing, well understood and well maintained. . Children are afraid to swim in water — to get rid of this fear, Penguin forcefully pushes them into the water and teaches them the art of swimming, often in two to three months, children are able to complete swimming training.

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