Scheduled Pix Coup: understand the alert that is circulating through the networks

Although it is important to be aware of the new ways of acting of the scammers, this is just a rumor.



An alert is circulating through social networks and messaging applications for a supposed new type of scam: the Pix Scheduled . This is a feature that allows Pix users to schedule a payment or transfer at a future date – and scammers would be using this to try to steal money from victims.But apparently this is just a rumor. Understand, below, how the so called Pix Scheduled scam would work and why this is just a rumor.

How would the Scheduled Pix scam work?

According to the alert, the Pix Scheduled scam would work like this: the person receives a transaction notification from a stranger. Soon after, she receives a desperate message from the same person asking for the money back as soon as possible – the objective is to convince the victim to transfer right away, so the justifications are very appealing.

Since most people’s first reaction is to help, the victim may end up making the transaction “back”. And that’s where the problem lies.

With Pix Scheduled, the transfer only takes place on the day the payer has scheduled it – and while it is not carried out, the payer can cancel the transaction at any time.

In other words: the scammer schedules a Pix , but the money doesn’t go into the account – since the transfer was scheduled for another day. If the victim “returns” the value of the Scheduled Pix, the scammer cancels the transaction and keeps the money.

But this is just a rumor

In practice, when a person schedules a Pix for a future date, the recipient of the transaction does not receive a notification of the schedule – the notification only appears when the money falls into the account.

In other words: the alleged victim of the scam would not see the Scheduled Pix on the account statement – ​​and would be suspicious if someone got in touch asking for money back that was never transferred.

Therefore, although it is important to be aware of new ways of acting of scammers, you still don’t need to worry about this type of fraud.

Is Scheduled Pix already working?

Yes! Since Pix was launched in November 2020, Pix Scheduled has been an optional feature for institutions participating in Pix – that is, they may or may not offer it. With it, users can schedule a Pix for a future date.

As of September 1, 2021, however, this function will become mandatory for all institutions participating in Pix. According to the Central Bank, the purpose of this change is to guarantee all Pix users the possibility to schedule an instant payment.

Is Pix safe?

Yes. Rest assured. Pix is ​​a payment method, as well as TED, DOC and boleto. Today, there are already fake boletos scams, for example, that work in a similar way. There is no security hole in Pix: just scammers using old tricks to try to fool people in new ways.


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