Perception plays an huge role

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It is seen that a man changes direction with a gust of wind like a kite. Body lusts and nominated desires are rooted in every watch, for their fulfilment, we are constantly engaged in weaving warp. He keeps on knocking for them. If some success features are available then the ghost of non-obscurity is on board. In order to exploit others, he is busy in his efforts to prove himself big by adopting the policy of lust and planting waste and terror. Embarrassing in these ironies – solving life comes to an end.

Few people who have reason in their personal perceptions are seen. Most are stereotypes. Keep following the trends. No matter how harmful and unsuitable the Kurtis are, if adopted by fellow companions, they become a matter of emulation for themselves. Imitability is the nature of human beings, but in this field also it should be thought that whether it is adopted strongly, it does not become well in the absence of prior determination. According to the circumstances, not only the thoughts also change. Not only opportunistic policy remains. Wherever selfishness is proved like a lotus, wherever you change yourself, you can change the atmosphere in your frame, in any situation. Changing your mind according to most circumstances. Like a butterfly, in the temptation of attraction, they fly from this flower to that flower. They do not have their own goals, goals or destination. These types of people do not have any direction nor a definite mechanism. Circumstances take them like a gust of wind. In such a situation, neither one gets to do important work regularly nor does he get credit for any commendable success.

Motivation emerges from conscience, thinking works on the basis of them. The plan is made and the action starts with the purpose of fulfilling the desire, so the fulfilment of the desires remains the form of life. Keeping pace with the circumstances, a person spends his age by being engaged in selfish cultivation efforts. Those who have no purpose, do not do anything in the order of them. This situation can be called a fruitless life in a way. Compared to the important capabilities available to him, there is nothing that can be satisfied with even a century.

The only drawback behind this shallow standard of living is the lack of idealistic beliefs in conscience. If the available sound can be understood as the importance of a rare occasion and it can be determined to use it in important works, then it is important to drench the interval with the excellence of ideals. For this, the same level of self-study, atmosphere and cooperation have to be explored. It is in this siege that a high-level direction current is strongly adopted. Resolution emerges, a path is formed and it is possible to walk strongly on it. Otherwise, the fickleness of the mind becomes dominant. Curiosities keep getting curious from that monopoly. There is nothing that can be said to be exemplary, appreciated, and someone can get excited to follow it.

Human life is the great work of the great creator. To complete it in animal purposes such as belly breeding is not the task that is called Karmayoga and through which it can be possible to reach the ultimate goal even if you are working.

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