Know the importance of brainstorming

Traditionally used by advertisers, the term has conquered any and every sector

Brainstorming is a method well known by professionals who work with creativity, but which, increasingly, has been used by companies in any sector. Mainly adopted to raise ideas and find innovative solutions, this concept can be beneficial to companies looking for new things.

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What is brainstorming?

Brainstorming is nothing more than a technique that is intended to find new ideas or possible solutions to problems. The term was invented over 70 years ago by publicist Alex Osborn and, for a long time, it was a consensus among professionals who work with creativity.

That’s because, after meeting with their clients, these professionals usually get together to express different ideas, from the most absurd to the most sensible. And that’s where the name brainstorming came from, which means something like “brainstorming.”

The model is currently used in many market segments, from industry to service provision, for example.

In practice, a brainstorming meeting works under the following structure:

  1. There is an explanation of what the problem is to be solved;
  2. After that, each participant writes down their ideas;
  3. Then, the ideas are presented to the rest of the group;
  4. Finally, the ideas are gathered to be analyzed.

There may be some variations in the format of these meetings. But a very common thing is that professionals expose their ideas out loud and without filters . Thus, there is a greater possibility of finding the ideal solution to the problem.

Therefore, it is important that this type of meeting is a place of free expression, that is, that no one criticizes what others are exposing. After all, what is desired at the first moment is the number of ideas, without focusing on “quality”. This is the time for “raw” thinking so that it can be better shaped later.

What is it for?

In short, brainstorming serves mainly to stimulate creative thinking.

Thus, while it works as a way for the team to communicate and get to know each other better, it is also an innovation and administrative tool in the company.

Generally, the focus is on finding quick and effective solutions for the company.

How to brainstorm?

Before starting the meeting, the project manager must call the collaborators and present what will be the focus of the brainstorming. Thus, each one is able to carry out research to find out about the topic.

It is noteworthy that the meeting place should have as few distractions as possible so that the focus is entirely on the topic under discussion.

In this sense, it is essential that everyone feels free to contribute and present their ideas to others. However, the meeting manager must be careful to seek a balance between the participants, so that no one “leads” the brainstorming.

In addition, it is likely that some professionals feel insecure about expressing their ideas. So, you need to respect all opinions and ensure that they are given due attention. This will help those shy participants feel more confident in presenting their thoughts to the group. Everyone needs to take a moment to speak.

As such, it is essential to take notes of everything that is being said in the meeting. Even those ideas that seem out of line with the topic and inefficient can be used for some future project. A tip is to have a person with the objective of taking notes and managing the meeting, always seeking a consensus with the group.

Where to use it?

After all, what can we use brainstorming for ? Check it out below:

  • Creation of themes for articles;
  • Optimize or apply new ideas for products or services;
  • Restructuring of the company’s logistics ;
  • Between others.

Imagine that you have a stationery store and you see that you need new sales strategies for your company. You know you need to bring something new, but you don’t know where to start. That’s where good brainstorming comes in.

After all, nothing better than the sellers to expose proposals, or the financial to say what is feasible for the business. The important thing is that this process has the participation of everyone.  Thus, the meeting has a defined agenda: to increase sales. But how to involve everyone? Develop a script so everyone can talk about what they think needs improvement, in an orderly way.

After this initial stage, ideas are discussed, such as: promotion for those who buy through e-commerce, sale of pens, distribution of gifts to the most loyal customers, among others.  Therefore, it is possible to debate a new product, new concept, new campaign or new management model, for example. It is a very versatile method for professionals looking for innovative ideas.

Know the importance of brainstorming

One of the principles of brainstorming is the opportunity to break away from traditional thinking, giving employees the possibility to think of innovative solutions.

Thus, it is an important moment to address unconventional topics that expand the company’s solution possibilities. By focusing on the creativity of professionals, there is greater spontaneity and, consequently, more competent and self-assured employees.

Plus, it’s a great way to strengthen an organization’s team spirit. Therefore, the use of brainstorming in companies can be very beneficial for those who want both innovative solutions, creativity and team involvement.

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