Inspiration for Telstar communication satellites

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On 11 July 1962, the first Telstar was installed in the sky. When he flew from Andover’s Antona and started circling to his assigned place. Endeavor Antona made of dacron fibres weighing 25 tons and found fake rubber, the inception of the messaging system within half an hour, while the Vice President of America stood in the White House with the telephone in his hand. Here Fraud said to Capel Andover – ‘You will know that this voice is being broadcast by Telstar satellite, how you hear my voice.’ From there, the Vice President replied to the greeting in these words – ‘M. Capel, your voice has been heard perfectly. ‘It was the inauguration, after which millions of Americans saw all of Paris on their televisions. Everything there was visible as if someone was sitting in the sky and looking at the landscape. The Parisian music scene and tone were heard very clearly. Then the program of England was shown. Much important information about space has also been received from Telstar. It is estimated that this Telstar will continue to work for two hundred years.

Scientists believe that the system of mechanical communication and teleology is a model of the body’s communication and vision system, they also believe that the thoughts that arise in the brain of a man can also be accepted at a fixed frequency. But the power of the messages sent to him should be increased by some atomic power like Telstar, in the same way, the receptor should increase his power so much that he can increase the power of his frequency message from the messages floating in the air. Karle. Such cycles, like the 3600 batteries in such an institution, can power those ideas, they are in the body only their development is needed, this is confirmed by scientific communication-satellite Telstar.

On the day this invention will be complete, on that day whether human beings or the whole universe will come to a point. Then from any planet, where the inhabitants can be contacted and the possibilities of cosmic exchanges which seem like a dream these days will be realized soon. But if this study and inspection encourage human beings to get out of the narrow periphery and the limits of petty ego, then these achievements will also be called successful.

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