How to Use Clean Master on Android Smartphone

One application that must be owned by Android users is Clean Master. The application made by Cheetah Mobile is able to clean various garbage so that the performance of your Android device will increase again.

The Clean Master application is actually very easy to use because it presents a very friendly interface. But for those of you who are new to using it, you might be a little confused by the various features. Therefore, this time we will review how to use the Clean Master on your Android device.

Download the Clean Master App

how to use clean master

Before using it, first of all, please download the application in the Play Store. This Clean Master application can be downloaded and used for free. Therefore, do not download from other places because it is feared that it contains viruses that are harmful to your Android device.

This Clean Master app will work best if your Android device is rooted. But if you haven’t, you can still enjoy its main features without any problems.

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Clean Junk Files

The first feature offered by this Clean Master application is the cleaning of junk files, aka junk files. The more applications that are installed, usually the more junk files that are on our Android. These files are not very useful so it is better to destroy them. To do this, please open the Clean Master application and select the “Junk Files” option.

1 Cleaning Junk Files

This application then application will automatically perform a scan to find various junk files on your Android.

2 Cleaning Junk Files

You can clean some  junk files,  such as:

  • System cache.
  • Obsolete APK, which ‘holds’ Android apps that are on your device. This raw file usually has a large size so it is better to delete it when it is not used anymore.
  • Leftover files from applications that have been deleted. These files are usually still on your device so it’s better to delete them so they don’t take up memory.

Please check one by one any junk files found by this Clean Master application to make sure there are no important files in it.

If you find a file that is still useful, please uncheck the next one. After you are sure you want to delete it, please press the ‘Clean Junk’ button. All those junk files will be instantly deleted and your Android device memory will be more spacious than before.

Cool Android

Most Android devices today are equipped with high specifications so that they can provide excellent performance. Unfortunately, it also makes Android devices heat up quickly, especially when playing games or opening many applications.

1 Cooling Android

Well, to cool it back down, this Clean Master application provides a feature called “CPU Cooler”. To do this, please select the ‘Phone Boost’ option on the main page, then select the ‘CPU Cooler’ option. The app will then perform a scan for a few moments.

2 Cool Android

Once done, you will see what the temperature is on the Android device. Please press the ‘Cool Down’ button to cool down and close the various applications that cause the heat. After that, please rest your Android device for 5 minutes.

Clean RAM

1 Cleaning RAM

Android RAM that is full will usually make Android performance decrease, especially with a lot of ‘lag’ when playing games or running applications. To clean it, you can go back to using the ‘Phone Boost’ option present on the main page.

2 Cleaning RAM

Next, you can directly press the ‘Boost’ button at the bottom to clean it and make your Android fast again. For other ways to clean RAM.

Speed ​​Up Game Performance

For those of you who like to play games on Android, Clean Master has provided special features to support your activities. This feature will accelerate the performance of your smartphone when playing games so that there will be no lag or other performance degradation.

clean master game

To activate it, please select the ‘Phone Boost’ option on the main screen, then press the joystick icon in the upper right corner. Then select the ‘Games Folder’ option then press the ‘Create’ button. A folder containing many games will then appear on your Android home screen.

So, if you want to play a game, then run the game you want to play through that folder. The game will be automatically optimized so that the performance will increase by up to 30%.

Uninstall Apps

The next function of Clean Master is to remove various applications installed on your Android device. The trick, is please select ospi ‘App Manager’ on the main page and then select the application you want to delete by placing a checkmark next to it.

Make sure you choose an application that is rarely used or no longer needed. After selecting it, please press the ‘Uninstall’ button. Clean Master will immediately delete these various applications along with the junk files they have.

Move Apps To SD Card

How to Use Clean Master on Android 9 Smartphone

If you have an Android device with limited internal memory, of course, it will be very inconvenient if you have to install a lot of applications. Now to work around this, you can move these various applications to the SD card with the help of Clean Master.

How to use Clean Master to move apps is very easy, first of all please select the ‘App Manager’ option on the main screen. After that, move to the ‘Move’ tab and select the various applications you want to move. Once selected, please press the ‘Move’ button to move it.

Keep in mind, that not all Android applications can be moved to the SD card, especially the default applications and applications made by Google. In addition, not all Android devices also support this feature, especially on devices with Jelly Bean and KitKat operating systems.

Tips for Using Clean Master

So that the various features provided by the Clean Master application can be used optimally, here we will provide various tips that you can apply in their use:

  • Do a RAM cleaning once a day.
  • Do a trash file cleaning two to three times a month so that not too much garbage accumulates.
  • Use the CPU Cooler feature at night before you go to sleep so that your Android device doesn’t overheat all night.
  • If your device is already rooted, give it root access permission so that the use of its features is maximized.

So that’s how to use Clean Master along with various tips that you can apply in your daily use.

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