How to handle key aspects of marital life? | Part-1

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The woman is a mine of tenderness, softness, mildness and sympathy. It is full of emotions, kindness, affection, gentleness, wisdom. His expression is more advanced and mature than that of a man. She thinks seriously, her outlook is vast, her insight is very broad. The woman is gentle with nature and body.

Women and men do not feel pleasure in being confined within themselves, but they are inclined to attain perfection by being in the company of the opposite sex. Help each other in every task and fulfil unquenchable desires. When a man confines his wife to the higher spiritual ground like his own, with holy sacrificial feelings, he has faith in his masculinity. In the same way, a female assistant, who provides patience in friend’s woes, endures the man by becoming tolerant.

The children of happy, contented, pious feelings, sobriety and educated husband and children are born with high values ​​from the very beginning and the whole household flourishes. Violent actions of husband and wife take the place of constructive tendencies. In terms of psychoanalysis, sterile women and men who do not have children, suffer from terrible poisonous glands, act violently, hatefully and ruthlessly. In this view, the more number of times a woman has children, the more polite, tolerant, restrained and courteous she will become. He will get great mental health. His tendencies and desires will be refined. When a woman begins to believe in her high, sacred spiritual secret powers, then her suppressed tendencies become more respected towards creative works. Hatred, anger, jealousy, selfishness perish. Married women live more than virgins.

Golden formula to make home life happy

The findings that Delcarnegie has made by conducting a deep study of Marital Psychology have created a revolution in Western countries today. It is full of the knowledge of secret differences in the mind of man and woman. We cite them here from his book for the benefit of families.

1. Do not tease husbands-

This rule is for women, who take time to ask their husbands to keep their financial status in mind. Lack of authority on the tongue, temptation, watching movies, jewellery, the stubbornness of the husband due to good clothes. There are differences of opinion and nature and then destroy family life.

2. Do not criticize.

When the husband or wife starts sorting each other’s weaknesses, faults, fools, then the love-door is broken. In the higher role of love, you also have to bear each other’s weaknesses and weaknesses. If one soon concentrates on the errors of others, then according to the laws of concentration, they will grow.

3. Praise sincerely.

It should be your duty to make your life-partner excited, uplifted, educated, cultured, decent citizen. Praise each good and do it openly. Praise will also develop their good qualities. Friendship, tolerance, organization, cooperation will increase. Most wives are good, but due to the husband not encouraging them, their development stops. The wife’s heart is blunt because of the rebuke, beatings, rude behaviour and cruelty. Secret beliefs are broken. It is about divorce. Therefore, the husband should always be adorned with the highest qualities of the wife. Appreciate each and every work of the house with honesty, decoration, kitchen, style, decoration, financial support.

4. Take care of small things

A householder is also broken by small things. Women like to see their husbands cleanly, want to listen again to a good idea about themselves, want to hear the appreciation of their clothes, household arrangements, food, and why would they be good if you don’t show interest in the work done for them.

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