How to cut hair on dog pads?

How to cut hair on dog pads

It is common for dogs to need regular grooming. In order to maintain their coats and facilitate their handling, But many people are unaware that the cut includes the fur on their pillows as well. And while our dog’s feet and fingers are a very important part of his anatomy, he often doesn’t get the attention he deserves.

To cut hair on dog pads you require regular care, such as cutting hair. So, in the following knowledge grip article, we have explained everything.

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Do you have to cut your hair on the dog’s pillows?

If we pay attention to a dog’s legs, we will see that on all four legs they have a large central pad, called the metacarpal, and four smaller ones, known as the digitalis. The cushions act as a support, cushioning the impact of the floor and distributing the weight load between all edges.

Hair grows between the pillows. In some dogs, it is short and almost imperceptible, but in other dogs, the fur grows a lot, becomes perfectly visible and even completely covers the pillows. In these cases, or whenever we want to keep the pillows free of lint, we can cut them as explained in the following sections. Not that the hair between the pillows is bad, but the plant remains or any other material can adhere to it, that is, in the ground, forming knots, making it difficult to pass or forcing inappropriate positions, in addition to contributing to the development of certain skin problems when it remains dirty and damp.

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What do you need to cut the hair of dog pads?

The hair in this area can trim with scissors or a dog razor. With scissors, any sudden movement, not uncommon when manipulating the legs, can result in a cut. For this reason, it is advisable to use cutting machines and, specifically, specific devices for smaller and more delicate areas. For example, the Moser Animal brand, well known for its hygiene utensils for dogs, has several models designed for this purpose. It is:

Rex mini:

Machine specially created to cut areas that require greater precision, such as pads or the face. It is smaller in size than normal cutting machines. It has fine teeth and is light, ergonomic and very quiet so that the dog is not startled by the noise. All this while remaining powerful. In addition, it includes an adjustable comb from 3 to 6 mm to adapt to the needs of each dog. It works connected to the mains and has a long cable for easy mobility.


Also designed for the detail and precision required by sensitive areas like the legs, genital region or face, the Prima is even lighter than the Rex mini and also very quiet and powerful. It works with a rechargeable battery, allowing up to 100 minutes of autonomy. You can also work with it plugged in and it includes a 3-6mm adjustable comb.

The legs and especially the pillows are very sensitive parts of a dog’s body, so many people avoid manipulating them. It is, therefore, crucial to obtain a machine capable of adapting to the particularities of the area and handled comfortably. So that it can perform as quickly on a difficult part of the body as possible.

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Steps to follow to cut the hair of dog pillows

As it is a very delicate part, you have to get most dogs used to deal with patience, perseverance and rewards. They must also be adapted to the machine, its noise and its functioning. To do this, you need time and peace of mind. So, before starting to cut, it is advisable to let the dog sniff the machine turned off. As you approach, we’ll give you an award for associating your presence with positive stimuli. Little by little, we will be able to present the sound to him by turning on the machine, this time with care so that the dog does not suffer any damage. Once again, we will reward.

The first session can be brief, for example, being limited to trimming the hair on one leg, always without forcing or reprimanding the dog. On the contrary, by offering him edible treats when he leaves us, we give him positive reinforcement to repeat the behaviour we want.

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The cutting procedure is as follows:

  1. The machine must always iron gently. Depending on the amount of hair the dog has in the area, we can make the first pass over it, from the base of the central cushion to the peripheral ones or vice versa. With these movements, we are able to unblock the foot and visualize the pads.
  2. So you have to carefully separate your fingers. The central pillow, with its wider base and tip, forms a kind of triangle. Starting from its two lateral edges. We will work by introducing the machine on them and lifting it towards the small cushions, In a movement like a spoon. You can also do it in reverse, that is, from the peripheral blades to the central ones.
  3. In addition to being careful, you should make sure the dog is in a comfortable position for him and that we are not pulling him by any legs or putting him in a bad position. This cutting operation should take no more than a few minutes.
  4. Last but not least, if there is any hair left. You can cut it carefully with blunt-ended scissors.

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Post-haircut care for dog pillows

Very well, cutting the hair between the pillows doesn’t require aftercare. Regularly checking your feet will allow you to determine whether a new cut is required.

Your dog’s feet require other regular care besides haircuts. They are basically nail clipping and pad moisturizing. These touches, we have special nail clippers for dogs. But there is also the possibility of sanding instead of cutting with the so-called nail vices.

For the care of the pillows, it is possible to use creams or sprays. For hydrating and protecting pillows, the latter can simply spray into them. Moser Animal’s spray is called Pretty Paw and contains natural ingredients such as aloe vera or manuka honey. Consult your veterinarian for any questions regarding its administration.

Finally, the cutting machines we use must also receive regular basic care after cutting. Such as cleaning with brushes and lubrication with a special oil for blades. This is the best way to cut hair on dog pads.

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