Don’t live in the mud of narrow selfishness

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The macro revolution is sabotage change. In it, the destructive side is considered prominent. In the spiritual realm, creation is considered dominant so that there is no need for destruction. It would be more intelligent to create a system of light than to fill the darkness. The era of revolution is possible only in the form of environment refinement and promotion of success. As the gentleman becomes stronger, the vicious tendencies will automatically decrease. This is the true meaningful form of thought revolution.

Limited narrow selfishness results in disaster and sublime charitable devotion leads to selfishness in the true sense. It is difficult for foolish to understand this fact. But wherever foresight exists, there should be no difficulty in reaching the conclusion that there is only true self-interest. In it, both physical and spiritual, temporal and otherworldly happiness together serve. It should be said that lack of thoughtfulness, people are alienated from charitableness and live in the mud of narrow selfishness like worm insects.

The whole atmosphere is filled with evidence of short-sightedness. There is no dearth of humans who become an example of a fish that cuts the neck for the flour of a bullet and a bird that dies in the greed of both. Innumerable human beings can also be seen imitating the forgotten and merciless like deer and snakes in the fascination of bean and those who are bound in bondage. Kite is so enchanted by the appearance of a bumblebee and a lamp on the form of a lotus flower that he does not get a chance to think at the end of this stupor in the next moments. Seeing how the fly that breaks the honeypot on its way and dies by trapping herself in it, there are many who ridicule its stupidity but do not see that they themselves engage in doing the same thing is not. It should be called short-sightedness, due to which the intellect of gain in selfishness and loss of purpose runs illusion.

Had it been possible with foresight, every person would have been fortunate. Then he would not have to behead every time with misguided misfortune. Keeping in view the far-reaching consequences, the farmers labour in the field and wait patiently for the crop. The student becomes a graduate by meditating for 14 years and earns the distinction of being a scholar and a gift. The wrestler wins the match after a long period of workouts, dosing, massage, moderation, etc. after a lot of trouble. Businessmen invest capital, artists practice for a long time. They do not earn any profit immediately, but the truth is that they bear the loss. The time comes late in which they offer an example of fruiting like a huge tree after melting like a seed.

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