Tartar in dogs – How much does dog dental cleaning cost?

Tartar in dogs - How much does dog dental cleaning cost
How dangerous tartar in dogs is, How much does dog dental cleaning cost and how to prevent it, you will find out later.

What is tartar in dogs?

If food residues cannot be removed properly, they are great food for bacteria. These bacteria then multiply and form a solid layer on the surface of the tooth with food residues, minerals from saliva, and cells of the oral mucosa. Dental plaque in dogs is hard and has a rough surface. This means that more plaque can adhere and the plaque becomes larger. If this plaque hardens it is called tartar. Tartar is not only deposited on the surface of the tooth but also below the gums. Tartar can lead to inflammation and loss of teeth.

This is how dangerous tartar can be in dogs

Inflammation caused by tartar is not only painful but can also affect the dog’s jaw, bones and overall health. The more severe the inflammation, the more severe the consequences. For example, if the surface of the gums is weakened by inflammation, bacteria can get into the dog’s bloodstream. The bacteria enter the dog’s entire organism via the bloodstream, where they damage the heart valves, the heart muscle, the liver and the entire immune system.

Your dog’s health can therefore suffer particularly from tartar. The risk of diseases such as kidney failureheart disease or liver disease can increase enormously due to the bacteria in the dog’s bloodstream. That is why it is very important to prevent tartar buildup in dogs. You will find out how to do this later.

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What are the causes of tartar in dogs?

Bacteria are the main cause of tartar in dogs. As mentioned before, saliva and food residues from what is known as plaque. This can then lead to tartar. So if you only clean your dog’s teeth irregularly, tartar will develop after just a few days.

If your dog also frequently consumes sugary food, this favors the multiplication of bacteria and thus the formation of tartar.

Another cause of tartar in dogs can be the misalignment of the teeth. This is common in short-snouted dogs. Due to this misalignment, there is insufficient abrasion of the teeth when chewing. So the teeth cannot clean themselves. The lack of self-cleaning can also occur if your dog mainly eats moist food.

How to recognize tartar in dogs?

Brown discoloration on the tooth approach often suggest scaling back

You can recognize tartar in your dog by grey-green to brown discoloration. These usually start at the base of the tooth and spread over the tooth. The canines, fangs, and molars of the upper jaw are most commonly affected. Since dental plaque is not only located on the tooth surface, you should take a close look at the transition from the gum to the tooth.

Tartar is often accompanied by a strong odor coming from the mouth. Bleeding gums can also be accompanied by tartar, as the bacteria cause inflammation of the gums. In the case of pronounced inflammation, the tooth may also fall out.

Even if your dog eats less, tartar may be the reason, as it often causes pain.

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Is it worth getting your dog’s teeth cleaned?

yes, it is very important to clean a dog’s teeth to avoid any kind of bacterial infection. to provide your pets healthy life you should clean your dog’s teeth on daily basis.

This is how tartar is removed from the dog

If you think you can, you can scrape off your dog’s tartar yourself. Provided your dog stays calm and allows it. Otherwise, you should have a vet remove the tartar.

Remove tartar yourself

You can pretreat the tartar with a special tooth gel. You have to apply the tooth gel to the appropriate area. The enzymes contained in the gel soften the tartar. You can then carefully scrape off the tartar. You should use a special tartar removal set for this. If your dog struggles, you should have a vet remove the tartar.

Have the vet remove tartar

The vet will use ultrasound to remove your dog’s tartar. Your dog will be under anaesthesia during this treatment. Unfortunately, this treatment is quite expensive. Depending on the severity of the tartar, you have to reckon with several hundred euros. There is also the risk of anaesthesia for your dog.

How can you prevent tartar in dogs?

So that tartar does not develop, you have to pay attention to the following things.

  • Regular brushing: By regularly brushing the teeth of your dog dental plaque is removed from the calculus developed. We recommend cleaning your dog’s teeth daily. We have described how to clean your dog’s teeth here: Dogs’ teeth
  • Appropriate nutrition: Food containing sugar promotes the formation of tartar. So if you make sure that the dog food does not contain sugar or grain, the teeth will stay healthy longer. Also, dry food is better for your teeth than wet food. Too much-wet food inhibits the teeth from cleaning themselves.
  • Dog toys for chewing: The more your dog chews on solid things, the better his teeth clean themselves. Natural chewing bones also contribute to your dog’s dental health.

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How much does dog dental cleaning cost

It depends on many different factors like country, hospital, doctor experience and many more. But normally dog dental cleaning costs are between 300$ to 750$.

Why is dog dental cleaning so expensive?

In most cases, a dog dental cleaning is an expensive procedure because of the X-rays and anesthesia required. “Dental X-rays are critical for assessing periodontal disease and the health of the teeth below the gum line. So always try to remove tartar in dogs at home.

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