Different talents in different animals

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Seven-eight feet tall 2.- 3 Ostrich of mind weight is famous not only for the foolishness of head-riding into the sand in times of crisis but also for the speed of running fast. Its running speed is usually 60 miles per hour. Its beak is so sharp that even a sheet of iron gets pierced. Its digestive power is also such that it digests even the hardest of hard things. It seems that this disease is due to human beings as well, then only the desire to keep collecting anything keeps on suffering. In fact, it is foolishness like an ostrich to hide its face in the sand while the death is constantly approaching, the foolish man remains deprived of the pre-preparations that could have been made for him.

In terms of structure, even a fly is no less mysterious than a human. On seeing him, one wonders on the artist’s art. There is a special type of secretion in his five. This secretion stuck on the place where the fly was sitting and sucked the food material of that place from the feet and passed it to the whole body. His eyes are the unique creation of nature. Even then, about 80000 species of it have been existing on the earth since even humans did not come. Its wings maintain a highly efficient balance, it only takes advantage of the senses from them, no mechanical device could be made that could work even as a gyroscope. Her wings are directly related to the wisdom fibres of the brain so that she can immediately work with them according to the situation.

If the name of life is stomach and reproduction, then there is more benefit in becoming a fly. The female fly lays eggs from 125 to five thousand at a time. The development of human body takes place after a long period, but what is the mechanism in the fly’s body so that if he gets life even after 5 months, then he will give birth to five trillion children in this period. Not only this, if only one couple survives till becoming a grandfather, then he will create such a child, that in 6 months, the biggest pile will be 50 feet high in the whole earth. It is her petty instinct that the more time she grows, the more time she makes it chewy and keeps on saying that whatever creatures will try to increase the weight of the earth, its end will be from enemies like these, premature death And he will be surrounded by restriction and mourning, where does he get the opportunity to think and make progress elsewhere?

Flies are not only for the earth but for every living being. If they do not find a place, they lay eggs in some air. Some lay eggs on the snout of sheep. Some flying bees complete their experiment by laying eggs on the back, but this experiment ultimately causes their offspring to perish. The principle of over-breeding, whether fly or man, is everywhere. The baby of the fly develops in 6 days and dies in 10 days. Few flies live longer, but their fertility will be less. If such a dynasty grows, then it will live only by destroying the limited means of nature. Canada’s ‘pine-like’ flies harvest thousands of acres of land every year, according to the World Health Organization report, the root cause of poultry destruction is the fly, which has more than one million disease germs in its small wing. Occur. The number is interdependent with dirt, dirt is associated with the disease. The present account of human life is a sample of that if this sequence does not stop, then the next day every human being becomes a laboratory of one lakh viruses, then it is no surprise. Today the fly blinds thousands of humans every year, then only humans can start eating humans alive. Man himself can grow, after all the earth cannot grow, means cannot support that ratio.

If this conscience is not there, man is as laughable as Surinam Tad. The process of laying and hatching them is very unique – the female puts her eggs on its back. The eggshell gets sunk in such a way that another shell rises like a lid, similarly, all the eggs keep cooking in the back. When these children grow out of developing, the imagination of the universe created by the explosion of a nebula becomes real. These children live a free life in a short period of time and tell a human being that if reproduction is not purposeful, then he will be a burden like me.

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