How to customize WordPress Free Newscard theme


Newscard Theme Customization: A lot of free themes are available on WordPress but today we will learn how to customize WordPress  Free Newscard theme. This is a very responsive and good theme to create a news portal and news magazine website.

How to install Newscard theme

You can install any theme with two different methods. We will explain both methods.

  • Zip file Installation
  • Install from WordPress Dashboard

How to Install Newscard theme from Zip file

Go to the theme forest website and download the Zip file of the Newscard theme. Then login into your WordPress dashboard then click on Appearance then  Themes then click on add new and upload your zip file of Newscard.

Install from WordPress Dashboard

Simply login into your WordPress website, Click on appearance then themes then write NEWSCARD in the search bar and you will see the newscard theme. Simply click on install and activate.

How to customize WordPress Free Newscard theme

You can customize this theme with two different methods. If you want to create a simple blog website then simply go into the appearance section and click on customization on the newscard theme. You will see many different options to customize the theme. You can see these all options in this image. Now I will explain all functions of all options one by one.

How to customize newscard theme

Site Identity.

You can add Site Logo, SIte title and tag line in this option.


You can check the Header Text color and SIte background in this option.

Header Media.

You can add a background image, video, or any youtube video at the header.


Here you can set your Top bar navigation and primary menu.


WIdgets will allow you to set the Right sidebar, Frontpage sidebar section, and Footer columns.

Homepage Setting

This is your homepage setting. It’s up to you what you want to show on your homepage. in this setting you can set your blog post or pages to show on the home page of the website.

Social profile

In this option, you can add your social profiles links on your website. This will help you to get traffic from social platforms.


If you want to do an advertisement through your website so this option will allow you to add an advertisement banner on the header. you can also add an image URL.

Top Stories Post

Top stories is a slide show option. This will allow you to run a slide about your new post on your website. same as we see on news channels.


In the banner setting, you will get the option to set your banner only on the front page or all categories page.

Header Feature Post

Header Feature post will be your newest blog post which will show on the top of your home page.

Footer Feature Post

In the Footer feature post, You can set your articles at the footer but before footer widgets.

How to add demo content into NEWSCARD theme

I have explained all options to customize the newscard theme now we will learn how to add demo content into the newscard theme.

If you want to create a news portal website so newscard demo content will help you. after just new clicks and with the help of some plugins your newscard website will be ready.

Add demo Content into WordPress newscard Theme

After Installing of Newscard theme, Simply click on appearance then click on About Newscard Then CLick on Import demo Content.

How to add demo content in newscard theme

Now select the 3rd option and click on it.

So you will redirect to the theme Horse website. Then click on Newscard Default and your demo zip file will download.

Now to go appearance and click on import demo data. Now  Select your extract file and upload them.

  • Select an XML file to import for Import Content.
  • Select a JSON/WIE file to import for import WIdgets.
  • Use a DAT file to import for Import Customizer.

Then click on Import & Continue. It will take a few seconds to upload the demo.


We explained you the complete method to customize the newscard theme. now you can easily create news portal and magazine website. Further, if you face any issue just comment below.

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