Could animals be trained specifically?

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If attention is given to training animals and birds, then they too can be intelligent like humans. The man was illiterate like other beings in the primitive period. Due to the tendency to cooperate more, one helped the other and tried to get the benefit of accumulated experience to his colleagues. The virtuous process of getting the grant of one has made man more intelligent and more efficient from generation to generation. If other creatures could get this basis, then they too can be more intelligent than now. There are all those elements in them which can open the door to become intelligent like humans. Human beings can help other beings in this direction a lot. If the teacher of the underdeveloped brain makes the teacher intelligent by writing and studying, then there is no reason why efforts made to train other beings do not succeed.

In this context, under the state of Mississippi in America, a half-century gentleman named Keller Brilland, a resident of a town called Popperbill, is making special efforts. As such he is a graduate of Psychology, but he has done his major work to make different beings able to show more intelligence by giving education beyond their present level. His efforts have included new links in animal psychology.

Brilland’s wife Marion is also assisting in this zoological training. These days, he has recruited about 40 types of creatures in his school which includes fish, mice, dogs, chickens, parrots, etc. So far, about a thousand animals have left their school by doing amazing work and getting the characteristics that can become hotspots. There is no shortage of amateurs who buy trained animals, they buy the animals of their choice at a good price and enjoy entertainment. Teachers also get good livelihood from this business.

Chickens of a class of this school, upon giving orders, turn on the film record by pressing the switch of the jukebox and perform rhythmic dances on their sound. The roosters stand face-to-face on their fronts like players in teams and the area. Neither of them is dishonest, clever or negligent. The party who loses without feeling insulted spreads and sits in the sand.

The reindeer run the press machine. Ducks run the self-propelled drumming machine, spectators enjoy the instrument. Rabbits play the pianos and kick a ball ten feet away. Goats feed and feed their dogs.

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