How to cool a dog down in summer?

We have prepared some tips for you to take care of the dog in the heat during this season of the year. With the arrival of summer, temperatures start to rise wildly. And if you are a dog owner, it is essential to keep an eye out during this season. This is because it is common for pets to have problems such as increased thirst, wheezing and even sunburn or bruises on the feet. More than ever, it’s time to keep dogs fresh and hydrated. And do you know how to cool a dog down in the heat?

With that in mind, we prepared this article with several tips to understand what you should do to cool your dog on hot days. There is a lot of information on how to keep the dog hydrated, when/if the pet should be groomed, the best time for walks, summer games, signs of tiredness and dehydration and many other tips to refresh the puppy while the temperature is high.

Tips to keep a dog cool down in summer

Here are some tips on how to cool your dog in the heat! (Image: Playback/Shutterstock)

As well as for humans, water is also essential for pets, having great importance in the functioning of the organs of animals. However, dogs lose heat less than humans, having an even more important role in hydration, as it is one of the best ways to regulate the puppy’s temperature.

A tip on how to cool a dog down in the heat is to use ice water or even ice cubes in the dog’s drinking fountain. Another tip is to always bring fresh water for the rides. A great option is portable drinking fountains. But, remember never to take your pet for a walk in very hot times, as the chances of dehydration and overheating are great.


Furry dogs have greater difficulty dealing with heat

Even though it’s not the main place for heat loss, the dog’s skin also contributes to this. For furry dogs, this process gets more difficult. One tip on how to refresh a furry dog ​​is to groom him. But remember: not all breeds can be groomed. Shearing is recommended for dogs with long and fine hair, such as Shih tzus and poodles.

In these dog breeds, grooming provides relief from the thermal sensation, reducing the effects of heat. And don’t forget: it is important to avoid very short clippings, as the dog’s skin is more exposed to the sun’s rays.

For dogs that have double coats, the one with fur and undercoat, such as chow, for example, it is necessary to be careful, as these undercoats form a layer of thermal insulation that prevents sunburn.

The best thing for these breeds is to trim them at most because when shaved, these hairs take a long time to grow back. A tip for these dogs is the use of skimmers, which remove the dead undercoat.

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Dogs are more likely to develop health problems during hot hours

Avoid walking the dog at hotter times (Image: Reproduction/Shutterstock)

It is essential to be careful with tour schedules, especially avoiding going out with the dog from 10 am to 4 pm, which are the hottest times of the day. It is also important to check the ground temperature before the ride, as the hot soil can burn your pet’s paws. In addition to being painful, these burns interfere with the dog’s routine in other activities.

In some cases, when you only have one time available to walk, and at that time the ground is still warm, an interesting option is the dog shoes, which protect the dog’s paws. Another tip is to take shorter and less intense tours. As mentioned earlier, it is essential to remember to hydrate the dog during walks. which will help you to cool down a dog.

Very intense play in the heat can be harmful to the dog

The rule for walks must also be followed in relation to games. More intense games should be avoided during the hottest times of the day, as these are times when the dog can suffer greater wear and tear, running the risk of overheating and dehydration.

Therefore, prefer cooler times and places without direct sunlight. Another tip is to encourage the dog to practice lighter but time-consuming activities, such as using interactive toys, for example. They will distract you for hours without necessarily physically wearing you out.

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Playing with water is a great way to refresh your dog

Invest in a children's or dog-friendly pool (Image: Reproduction/Shutterstock)

Other games that are very useful in summer are water games. This way, the dog refreshes itself while playing. Children ‘s pools, or even suitable for dogs, are excellent options. Swimming is a natural instinct of dogs and, therefore, the pet is likely to enjoy this game.

However, it is important to be careful, especially with the dog’s ear, as water ingress can cause ear infections. Other ways to cool a dog down in the heat, similar to swimming pools, are hoses, buckets and showers, which also bring a lot of fun to the puppy.

Dogs show signs that they are suffering from heat and dehydration

When dogs are feeling very hot, or when they are very tired, it is common for them to give off clear signs, such as excessive thirst, tongue hanging out, excess saliva and wheezing, for example. But if the heat continues unnoticed, these signs can be aggravated by listlessness, irregular walking and even rapid heartbeat, vomiting and diarrhoea.

Therefore, we must always pay attention to the first signs and, therefore, immediately refresh the dog. In more severe cases, it is essential to take it to a cool and airy place, provide plenty of water and even cool the lower part of the body (chest, stomach and armpits) with ice cubes.

Brachycephalic dogs are more likely to have hyperthermia

Be more careful with brachycephalic dogs, such as bulldogs, boxers and pugs (Image: Reproduction/Shutterstock)
Brachycephalic dogs, those with short snouts. Such as bulldogs, boxers and pugs, have greater breathing difficulties, which also hinders the body’s cooling system. They need more attention than other pets and, therefore, special care is needed. These breeds must exercise for less time than the others and with less intense exercises.

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In addition, hydration should be even greater and they should not do activities in the sun. And it’s not just brachycephalic dogs that deserve this special attention. Elderly dogs or dogs with heart and respiratory diseases too. If this care is not respected, the health problems of these animals can be aggravated.

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