Consequences of breaking the ‘Law of nature’

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The simple and very simple way of health protection is to keep the diet moderate. Keep the mind balanced and avoid sin. A simple, and gentle life of laughter and happiness are healthy and one gets a long life. On the contrary, nature punishes and takes vengeance if the violation of its laws happens – no one can sit peacefully. Weakness and ill-health are the punishments which we have to suffer due to breaking the laws of nature and adopting a policy of disorderly behaviour.

Those who are afraid of diseases should take care in advance and do not adopt such a policy which causes them to become ill. This protection is very simple. Where do animals and birds that are in contact with nature fall ill? The disease has come on the part of human beings who conduct abusive behaviour and adopt different kinds of artificialities. Or this innocent animal and birds have got this gift of sickness, who have become pets of human beings and who have to leave their natural life tradition and live on their own will.

In order to help nature in the event of disease, a system like fasting, rest, excess water intake, cleanliness should be made and if the need of medicines is taken, then this level should be taken from vegetation, which has sedative properties but does not have an antidote. But in the spirit of the achievements of science, by challenging nature, such a wonderful system of medicine is being adopted which is expressing the intention of ‘killing merge as well as killing the patient’. To kill microbes in the allopathic medicine system such as antidote and toxic drugs are being invented which give a little miracle direction immediately and the patient feels the immediate benefit. But how much loss has to be lost as a result of that little profit and some loss of biographical power is not estimated. Medicines like quinine instantly show the miracle of a fever, but many such fusses arise as deaf ears, which take years to get rid of.

It is necessary that the merits and demerits of current medical practices be thoroughly discussed and along with the topical solution to the disease, it should be kept in mind that such a hasty approach should not be adopted which will make the patient life-threatening. In this context, the usefulness of allopathic medicine is becoming doubtful and eminent doctors of the same class are making shocking criticism.

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