Collective force of unity could accomplish anything

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The mobilization of combined power is necessary for important tasks and efforts. In the physical field, it can happen that a big ball of cannon can work as much as a hundred bullets, but it is not like that in the spiritual field. A hundred lamps are considered more important here than a big torch. In this way, even in the physical field, the idea of ​​making small units together and forming a big structure cannot be denied. A piece of cotton cannot be twisted to form a strong rope or worm, as is made of thin threads. Everyone knows that houses are built by choosing from bricks. The mixing of particles creates substances. Compared to a cyclone, small puffs of air make up the balance. The beauty of the sea rests on normal waves, not on tides.

Man has both body and soul. There is strength in the body and life in life. As much as the combined strength of the body is created, a machine can become a human. But every person who has his own conscious mind also has his importance. Therefore, more and more qualified soldiers are needed in the army. The modesty of weapons is not as important as the skill, courage and valour of soldiers. These are the characteristics of living beings. So love is adorned with public power in banquets, processions and festive events. A two commander, leader, scholar, seated wealthy and does not have a procession or ceremony. The life force of a person has its own dignity. His math is different. There are two root substances one and one together, but in the case of the living beings, the statement of having one and eleven together is meaningful. The emotional union has its own importance. The importance of non-emotional unity in a crowd of passengers, even if it is not a disposition, a teaching, and the combined strength of a targeted soldier, is not hidden from anyone. The body structure is formed by the combined coordination of small bacteria and organisms.

The combined strength of idealistic sentimentalists has always been expected to meet the occasional need for invisible refinement.

All the scientists are well aware of the immense power generated by employing many vital units of one nature for one goal.

If it were in the field of instruments, then there are personal and secular practices also, but their aim is limited to the purpose and the beneficiary. If there is a need to take major steps for universal solution and promotion, then there is a need for coordinated collaborative efforts, then the need for always coordinated collaborative efforts is understood and fulfilled.
Mazur, who is lifting or pushing big weights, understands the principle of applying combined force by speaking a slap together. On this basis, they perform difficult tasks. If there is no order to put the joint force together, then it may not be possible to carry the rock with a large weight. Such proofs of joint strength are visible in small tasks like raising thatch, extinguishing the fire.

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