Animals too have understanding and instincts

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An edition of the World Wildlife (World Wildlife) quarterly magazine featured a description of the fish acrobat found in Malaysia. In which it is told that this fish also climbs trees with its big wings in search of food. Not only this, he performs such action by filling the water in his snout that he works like a snout gun and water like a bullet. With this natural gun, she hunts suitable creatures for her food. There is also an understanding of how big bullet should be used to kill which organism. She uses the same amount of water when staining.

Dave the head hove-worm is very clever at making unique sounds. If he sees a beehive, he makes a sound like a queen fly. Other flies get forgotten and this sir quietly sneaks into the hive and steals honey.

The skulls of elephants are not only large but they also have an intelligence of the same proportion. They also begin to understand subtle signals only after a little training. This is the reason why it was used in the war land in the past. Even today, in the work of riding, in teak forests, sleepers are used to carry and perform various tricks. Jagapathi Chaturvedi has written in his book ‘The Wisdom of Animals’ that an elephant snuck into the pocket of a child and found out that there was sugar in his pocket, the elephant wanted to take him. Elephants make their elders the head of their gang, this shows respect for their motherhood.

If we look at the common sense of ants, is human life also a useless life spent in food, lust, craving, ego, but the utility and usefulness is evident when the microscopic elements of life process are also closely studied. , Think, and meditate. The ants look like this in a heap, but every act of theirs is systematically-controlled and carried out at the behest of their sovereign queen. No ant will ever be dormant, nor will it act in vain. The work that is handed over will be done by him. The job of a male is to work diligently with food grains, to guard the soldiers, to carry out the bodies carrying the burdens, and to engage in building the buildings. The same system is also found in bees. As humans, there is no room for chaos and disorderliness even when they are busy in stomach and reproduction.

Engineering proficiency is an important achievement of the scientific era. From the construction of heavy dams to the canal and to increase public facilities, many intelligent works are being done, but such intelligence skills are no less in other creatures. The otter has even been given the title of skilled engineer by biologists. It is a great tool in constructing tunnels and building earthen bridges. People are very fed up with the adventures of this beaver in Hampton City. There is a lake outside the city. Beaver has built internal tunnels from there to the crowded areas of the city. Even after trying hard, neither the beaver can be caught till today nor can the canals that they have built inside the ground.

Human crafts depend on education, simulation and equipment. He cannot build any object or place without learning from anyone, seeing or in the absence of tools whereas animals and birds make their habitat by their own instincts. Neither do they go to anyone for education, nor do they need any equipment. The residence halls of foxes, tomatoes and hornets are made on seeing them. They include all kinds of facilities in their lakes and holes. Birds’ nests and coaters are the living models of their construction art. Seeing nest, beehive, spider web and ant, they have to say that God has given amazing creation to these petty creatures seeing that subtle craft, the mind of man gets envious. People have been making big decisions regarding the weather and potential by observing the activities of birds and animals and they have never been deceived in that regard. Today’s trained dogs have defeated the smartest spies in search of crimes and criminals. Animals and birds study the movements of the sky more than any astrologer, they do not need an observatory like them, their observatory remains in their nose and eyes. Knowledge of the path more than animals and birds is not possible for humans in any way. Why not leave a bird of one place and leave it anywhere, it will return to its place without any mistake or confusion. Due to this feature, birds like pigeon and goose have been carrying the responsibility of letter-carrier for a long time.

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