An incident with Abraham Lincoln

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Waking up in the morning, President Abraham Lincoln performed activities in the morning, had breakfast, and only then, instead of going on a trip to his kingdom, phoned his biographer Ward Lemon and urged him to reach the White House immediately. His seriousness was telling that something special has happened today, but what? It was still unknown.

Upon the arrival of Ward-Lemon, President Lincoln asked – ‘Do you believe in the truth of dreams, if not, come and hear today I have seen a strange dream and I do not know why I am convinced that this dream is not It is a given truth-message of some god-power. ‘After that, the President saw that night, he started narrating the historical dream which even to this day questions every reader connected in his life context – what is the secret of truth in dreams Who informs about the true events happening in the future through dreams?

The President said – I turned around in every room of the White House, but I saw all the rooms surrounded by empty and lonely, when I heard the cry of some people from the eastern part, I reached there and saw many people standing in a dead body. All of my family members, friends are relatives and other diplomats. Out of curiosity, I asked what is the matter? Whose body is this? —A figure looking at me said – The President has been murdered, this body belongs to him — this last scene was sleepy, but I think this dream has a close relationship with my life.

Ward Lemon noted the incident in the ‘shorthand’ but could not live without laughing at the president’s blind faith. They kept on talking here and there to divert the attention of President Lincoln, but Lincoln did not have any other thoughts on that day. A history is a famous event that after 3-4 days of this dream Lincoln was murdered under the same conditions as he had seen in the dream. Since then, this incident has been associated with the life of the President, but till date, no scientific explanation could be made.

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