How to train an American bulldog | Step by Step guide

How to train an English bulldog

Are American bulldogs easy to train?

To train an American bulldog quite easily. The only condition is that the person performing the training be gentle, but at the same time firm in his commands so that he does not lose his hand. It also takes patience for this dog to do what is required of him. He gets bored very quickly, although he would need at least an hour of training every day. You have to give it a lot of time and a lot of attention, then you will turn an American Bulldog into a malleable and friendly dog.


He is an intelligent, brave, dominant and calm dog. He is very friendly and will be a loyal partner for his master. In addition, he loves children and will be extremely loving and protective of them. It withstands pain very well, so it will not be bothered even if the little ones will play harder with them and torment them.

But beware if you leave him with strangers: out of an exaggerated desire to defend his masters at all costs, he can become extremely aggressive. It does not tolerate the presence of other dogs, especially if they are dogs of the same sex, then it will become a problematic animal.

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American Bulldog puppies

The female can give birth to 7 chicks and can have up to 16 chicks in a single pregnancy. It should be noted that the female needs a caesarean section, due to the fact that the chicks have large heads. It is a somewhat expensive operation, but it is a risk that an American Bulldog assumes from the very beginning.

Before you buy an English Bulldog puppy, you need to know that it grows very fast in the first year and a half. Therefore, the food must meet its needs and it is mandatory to get enough vitamins, minerals and calcium. Feed the chickens several times a day and use food supplements as needed.

In addition, American Bulldog puppies need to accustom to walking on the street and in the presence of others in order to become sociable and not be aggressive.


1 –Behavior from a puppy

Every time your puppy jumps on you, turn around and say in a firm voice: No. When puppies are very small, it is common for you to find it cute when he jumps on you. The problem is that it will grow…a lot and it will keep jumping on you. And because the American Bulldog is a large breed, the dog can end up hurting you as an adult. Therefore, cut this behavior from a puppy.

2 –Socialize your American Bulldog puppy

It is important to socialize your English Bulldog puppy with other dogs and also with other people, because this breed, when adult, tends to be very protective with the family and does not accept “invaders” well. For this reason, it is necessary to socialize the dog so that it seems that not everything is a threat and does not attack other dogs or people in the future.

3 – Puppies loves to bite

Every puppy loves to bite. And, if you don’t cut this behavior. You’ll end up with bitten shoes, sofa, corners of chairs and tables, among others. To prevent the puppy from biting everything, the idea is to give the puppy a toy to chew when he starts wanting to play biting and Now when he starts biting you playfully, look at him and say no firmly but without yelling and give him the toy to bite. If he does everything right, give him a treat as a reward.

4 – English bulldogs can train easily

To train an American Bulldog is easy because he is a somewhat territorialism dog and likes to be in control. But every dog ​​needs to know that who is in control is the owner and not him. For this, do not let the puppy eat less than you allow and always walk through the doors of your house in front of your dog. When walking with him on the street, never let the English Bulldog walk in front of you, but beside him.

As it is a strong and large animal, dogs of this breed are not suitable for children. you should train your American bulldog properly then let him play with children’s because He often jumps and plays with no intention of harm, but due to his strength. He can knock the child over while playing with him. So be careful!

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