A Bizarre body incident

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The details of the occurrence of death itself from anybody have been discovered and registered since the seventeenth century. How many of them are published in published books and magazines. Where there is no such system of investigation, something like this will continue to happen, but due to the lack of an authentic mention of it, such a discussion cannot be made on which we can try to reach a fact.

Some mentions of authentic events are available—
In Francis Hitching’s book, The World Atlas of Mysteries, an American incident in 1938 mentions that one day in the summer season, flames burst automatically from the body of a woman who was boating at a place called Norfolk Brads. She was accompanied by her husband and children. An attempt was made to extinguish the fire with water. But that fiery fire could not be controlled. She automatically extinguished the body of that woman named Carpenter.

An Ohio factory had caught fire eight times. Scientific detective Robin Beach was invited to find out the reason for this. Robin Beach drove all the employees one by one onto a metal plate attached to the electrode and the voltmeter. As a female employee of the factory stepped on the metal plate, the voltmeter’s needle pointed to the high point, while she was oscillating between the average points while the other workers were working. The reason for the fire in the factory was the woman who had a lot of electric power. The process of the fire has ended since the woman was sent to another department. A few years ago, the joy of a loving couple who were in a dichotic in London turned into sorrow when the blonde girl who was dancing with the boy suddenly fell screamed. The girl’s golden hair was waving in flames. When the boy tried to extinguish the fire, his hands got burnt. Moments later, she turned a nineteen-year-old girl into ashes. This life was the result of the explosion of electricity. Before this, a similar incident took place on 20 September 1938 in Chelmsford and a woman was lost in blue flames in front of many people.

On 31 March 1908, Jonhart, a citizen of Hivetley (England), was sitting in his house with his sister. Suddenly, flames started coming out of her sister’s body. Jonhart wrapped her with a blanket, but the blanket, chair, she swallowed in the fire.

In the series of these incidents of ‘Spontaneous Human commission’, it would be expedient to mention here an incident which occurred in Bihar’s Bhagalpur district on the occasion of the solar eclipse of 1982 five years ago. A young man was sitting silently in the courtyard of his house. On being asked by the frequent family members, he told that today is the last day of his life, the members of the house did not pay attention to his statement. For a while, he stared at the sun. Suddenly blue flames of fire started bursting from his body. The members of the house threw water on the body and covered it with blankets, but the body burnt badly in that intense flame. The fire was extinguished but it could not be saved. He died on reaching the hospital.

Scientists are of the opinion that the amount of electricity that can be burnt from twenty-five volts to 30 volts is found in the area in a proportionate proportion in each body. Its activity in hands, eyes and heart is denser. Instead of touching the antenna of the transistor with the fingers of the hand, the sound becomes louder. On removing the fingers, the sound becomes the same. The electric power of the eyes is made useful by condensation in cultivation. In Hypnotism, the practice of making this electric power intense and subdued.

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