8 Applications to Download Songs Legally on Android Phones

Below we will discuss several music streaming services that operate or can be accessed by users in our country This means that you can find their app in the app store, in this case, the Google Play Store. Here is the review.

1. Spotify

Spotify officially entered in 2016 and is now one of the most popular music streaming services in the country. The presence of this application was welcomed by music lovers. The reason is, that Spotify is a music streaming application that is very worldwide. In addition, the songs available on Spotify are always up-to-date.

If you buy Premium facilities in this application, then you can download your favorite music to listen to offline. To buy this Premium facility you only need to pay around IDR 50 thousand per month. Next, you can download as many of your favorite songs as you want.

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2. JOOX Music

JOOX Music is a competitor to Spotify, where this application also provides facilities for streaming music and downloading songs for offline listening. Just like Spotify, you have to buy the JOOX VIP facility first so you can download songs offline.

The tariff for JOOX VIP is around IDR 25 thousand for 1 week, IDR 49 thousand for 1 month to IDR 500 thousand for 12 months. In addition, by buying JOOX VIP you can play music as you wish, without being random , and can stream music with much better quality.

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3. SoundCloud

Besides being able to download songs from SoundCloud, you can also upload your own recorded sounds such as covers or podcasts. This application will also provide suggestions or suggestions for songs that are similar to tracks you’ve liked before. Listening to songs online, searching for songs from various genres, and creating playlists are activities that can be done on SoundCloud.

This application has the same business model as Spotify, where you must first subscribe to be able to listen to songs offline. In addition, this application also has region-lock, there are several tracks that appear in the search field but are not available.

There are two plans to choose from, namely SoundCloud Go ($5.99 or around IDR 80 thousand per month) and SoundCloud Go+ ($9.99 or around IDR 140 thousand per month). One of the two must be selected to be able to download as many songs as you want, along with other premium features such as no ads and HQ quality.

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4. Resso Music

Resso Music enlivens the competition for music streaming services. They entered in 2020. Like other music streaming services, Resso also offers a number of features for a comfortable music experience, including song lyrics during playback and creating playlists of favorite songs.

To get all its features, you must subscribe to Russo Premium. The subscription price itself is not much different from its competitors, which is around IDR 49 thousand per month. Its premium features include unlimited song downloads, ad-free music, high audio quality, and so on.

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5. YouTube Music

It’s easier than ever to find trending songs thanks to YouTube Music. This is an application that carries the big name of YouTube, so the quality and features it has are unquestionable. For those of you who are used to using Spotify or Joox, you will be familiar with the YouTube Music user interface.

Its features certainly allow you to listen to your favorite songs. Later this application will learn your habits and recommend other songs if it suits the taste of the listener. Not only can you listen to officially recorded songs, you can also search for various cover songs or concert recordings.

There is also a feature to search for songs using snippets of lyrics for those of you who don’t know the title. Fun, right? Unfortunately, like Spotify and Joox, you’ll need a Premium subscription to download songs. The subscription fee itself is IDR 49 thousand per month.

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6. Sky Music

Langit Musik is a local music streaming platform that claims to have more than 6 million song catalogs, including local catalogs, such as pop, indie, and traditional. So far the Langit Musik application has been downloaded more than 5 million times on the Play Store.

Although the collection is not yet comparable to international song streaming platforms, Langit Musik is not a bad choice. This is because the subscription fee at Langit Musik is among the cheapest on this list.

The subscription fee for Langit Musik Premium is IDR 6,600 for 7 days or IDR 22,000 for 30 days. Subscribing to one means you can listen to unlimited songs without ads and download songs for offline listening.

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7. Deezer

If you want to have a similar experience using Spotify or Joox, Deezer Music Player is also worth checking out. There are already at least 56 million songs that you can find to make your days more colorful.

Like Spotify, Deezer also has a similar feature that can play a  playlist containing your favorite songs along with other tracks that you might like.

This application, which has been downloaded more than 100 million times, also offers a subscription package if you want to hear songs in higher quality and save them offline. You can visit the download page.

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8. Apple Music

As the name suggests, this music streaming service is owned by Apple, the company that makes the iPhone. The Apple Music app has been downloaded more than 50 million times on the Play Store. It’s just that the rating of this application is not as good as its competitors above, which is 3.7 out of nearly 400 thousand reviewers. Nonetheless, Apple Music is a reliable legal app for playing songs for those music lovers.

Quoted from the official Apple website, the subscription fee depends on the offer you choose. Students can choose the Apple Music Student Plan for IDR 29 thousand per month, while individual monthly subscriptions are only IDR 49 thousand per month after a three-month free trial.

Well, this collection of legal music streaming applications can be a solution for those of you who want to download your favorite songs directly from your smartphone or tablet. This application for downloading songs makes it very easy for you to save your favorite songs in your gadget .

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