6 Easy Ways to Download Paid Android Apps

There are many roads to Rome. That’s a saying which means that nothing is impossible. Anything can happen, like when you want a paid app for free. It’s not impossible to get paid apps for free on your Android phone.

Everyone loves free apps. Especially if the application is really needed. Well, on this occasion we will share how to download paid Android applications for free. So, prepare your smartphone to follow these tips for getting paid apps for free.

1. Amazon Underground

Amazon Underground is one of those places where you can get paid apps for free. In order to use Amazon Underground, please visit the Amazon site and download the application. There, you can download several paid apps for free.

Before installing it, you need to confirm the security settings of your device. Go to Settings, then check the box for Allow Unknown Sources and press OK. After you have successfully installed the desired application, immediately take the initial steps for security settings, and immediately uncheck the Allow Unknown Sources box.

In addition to this method, you can get free applications if you are a Prime member, usually, you will be sent free application offers every day. Overall, Amazon Underground is an interesting place to get a wide variety of paid apps for free.

2. Google Play Free App of The Week

Every week Google Play will launch several new applications that can be obtained for free. Well, don’t miss out on trying out this free application offered by Google Play. In general, Google gives its users one week to try this free application on offer.

You can open the Google Play Store, then visit the Family section. In that section, you will see a banner that offers a free application for a week. When you open the offered application, the normal cost details will be displayed. However, you do not need to buy the application, because you are entitled to a free trial for a week.

3. Special Applications Free Apps

How to download paid Android applications for free is through applications that offer free applications. One of them is AppGratis, this app offers a number of free apps every day. In other words, you can choose an app that you can download for free every morning.

However, when you download an application offered by AppGratis, you usually won’t get an updated version . So, you won’t do app version updates like when you download official apps on Google Play Store.

In addition to AppGratis, we also recommend FreeApp for those of you who want to get quality applications for free. The way FreeApp works is almost the same as AppGratis, namely by offering a selection of free applications every morning.

4. Using Someone Else’s Google Account

You certainly have one or more friends who are generous and don’t mind the money spent buying paid apps. So, on your friend’s device stored various paid applications that he bought on the Google Play Store. If you have friends like this, you can also have applications owned by your friends, you know. The trick is:

  • Borrow your friend’s Google Account, if he doesn’t want to show his password, you can give your device to him to write his own password
  • After you successfully log this on the Google Play Store with your friend’s email, immediately enter the My Apps menu
  • In this menu, you will see various lists of applications that your friends have downloaded, this list shows a number of paid and free applications
  • Select the paid application in the list belonging to your friend’s account, then click Install to install the application to your device
  • If the application is already installed on the device, you can immediately sign out and return your friend’s Google Account
  • Enjoy paid applications that you have downloaded via the other person’s Google Account

5. Surveys On Google Play

This is a unique way to earn dollar credits for free on the Google Play Store. However, many people do not know this method. In fact, it’s quite easy. As a Google Play Store user, you just need to install Google Opinio on your device. Fill out the survey that is there, then you will get a reward in the form of dollar coins.

Not all surveys provide rewards in the form of these credits. However, you can use this method to earn credits which later if collected can be used to buy the paid apps you want.

Apart from filling out surveys on Google Play, you can also install Get Paid Apps Free . Here, you have to watch short films or download recommended apps to collect credits. Now, you can use the collected credit directly to shop for paid apps on the Google Play Store.

Through this method of downloading paid Android apps for free, you no longer need to buy the paid apps you want. Why pay when you can get it for free?

Unfortunately, not many people know how to get paid apps for free on Android devices. In fact, this method is very useful to get the application we want without having to pay.

6. Using Credit, Credit, and Debit Cards

If the above were ways to get paid applications for free, now you can get applications by paying. There are actually many ways of paying for paid apps. But here we will provide a tutorial with pulse payments.

  • First, go to the PlayStore to select a paid application/game. Then, click  Buy.
  • Then, choose a payment method. There are several choices of payment methods, including using credit, credit cards in the form of VISA and debit. Select one of them until a checkmark appears.
  • After that, click  Buy.
  • Next, enter the email password registered on the PlayStore and click  Verify.
  • And done, now you have got the paid application.

Do you have any other way to be able to download paid apps for free on your Android device without rooting or using illegal tricks? If you have, let’s share how in the comments column

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