15 Best Mouse Repellent Sound Applications on Android Phones

One of the pests that are quite disturbing in our homes is rats. In addition to eating a variety of leftover food in the kitchen, they can also damage furniture and nest anywhere, including under beds.

If it is so, then the presence of these rodents can be dangerous for us. Viruses and dirt can be carried by them and interfere with the health of our animals.. It is noted that several diseases can be caused by rat bites or urine, such as typhus, RBF, and others. Very annoying, huh?

1. Anti Rat Repeller

American Dream 95, is one of the developers who present an application to repel mice. In its application, the Anti Rat Repeller will make a sound that will make the rats dislike and refuse to be close to the sound source. So, the sound can repel mice instantly.

What’s unique, Anti Rat Repeller is not just to repel mice because this application is claimed to be able to repel other insects, such as cockroaches and mosquitoes.

2. Anti Mouse Repeller

According to this application, safe mice are very disturbed by noise. But, that doesn’t mean the noise can be heard by humans, right? There is a special noise that makes mice very uncomfortable. Well, the app relies on an 18-23 kHz sound which mice really don’t like.

The frequency of the sound produced is painful for mice, but not painful for humans. So this application is classified as safe to use around the house. Besides being safe, this application is also super light, which is only 3.8MB,

3. The Most Powerful Rat Repellent Sound

This one application is somewhat unique and different from other applications. If other applications offer sound with a certain frequency, this application provides it in the form of MP3.

Even the MP3 sounds provided are quite varied, ranging from sounds to repel sewer rats, and others. And you need to know that the MP3s in this application are the sounds of crickets that mice don’t like.

4. Anti Mouse – Rat repeller

It seems that Software also doesn’t want to be left behind by other developers by creating and developing an application called Anti Mouse – Rat repeller. With this application, users are claimed to be able to be free from the disturbance of mice in the house.

The way these application works is similar to the previous mouse repellent applications where you only need to activate the sound in the Anti Mouse-Rat repeller. That way, the mice are reluctant to come again.

5. Rat Repellent Sound

Next, we recommend an app called Rat Repellent Sound . As the name implies, this application claims to be able to repel mice only through sound. The sound produced by this application can only be heard by mice and will not interfere with human hearing.

Besides being equipped with advanced features, Rat Repellent Sound is also very easy to use. The reason is, that users only need to choose the strength of their voice, starting from the lowest is 10KHZ to 21KHZ. After you select the sound strength, then you press the  START button. 

6. Rat & Mice Ultrasonic Professional Repellent sound

Want to get rid of rats and insects that roam your home? Try using the Rat & Mice Ultrasonic Professional Repellent sound application. As the name implies, this application is claimed to be able to repel mice in the house by relying on ultrasonic sound. You can adjust the vibration and sound frequency yourself according to your needs.

Well, the frequency numbers vary, ranging from 0 – 22,000 Hz. The higher the frequency, the more annoyed the rats felt with the sound. But don’t worry, the frequency sound produced by this application can only be heard by mice and will not interfere with human hearing.

7. Anti Rat Pro

Rats not only pollute our homes, but they often steal our food supplies. So, what is an effective way to get rid of mice? Chemicals or rat poison can indeed eradicate these rodents, but they are not necessarily safe for us and our children.

Mouse traps also don’t seem very effective at reducing the rat population in our homes. You certainly need a more powerful solution, for example by using the rat repellent sound application, Anti Rat Pro.

This application made by Super Hero Games clearly does not contain chemicals that can harm human health. Anti Rat Pro can produce ultrasonic sound waves that can disturb the peace of the rats.

This application, which has been downloaded 500 thousand times, emits sound waves in a frequency of 18-23 Hz. These frequencies are harmless to humans but powerful enough to repel mice.


8. Pest repellent sound

Next, there is an app called Pest repellent sound . It’s also a great app for repelling mice by relying on ultrasonic sound. The sound produced by this application is also very soft  so it does not interfere with your hearing. Another advantage of this application is that it repels not only mice but also insects, such as cockroaches and mosquitoes.

9. Mouse Repeller PRO

If this application claims to be more accurate than other applications. Indeed, Mouse Repeller? PRO also uses ultrasonic sound, it’s just that this application emits ultrasonic sound at certain times.

The reason is, this application will emit an ultrasonic sound when the mouse starts to be careless. So, the sound produced by the Mouse Repeller? PRO is more effective at repelling mice. But unfortunately, to use this application, you have to be willing to spend Rp. 13,000 .

10. Repeller For Mice And Rats

Another application that claims to make mice run wild, Repeller For Mice And Rats . As the name implies, this application claims to be able to repel mice instantly so that even cats can’t do it.

Just like other applications, Repeller For Mice And Rats also relies on special sounds that you just press on your cellphone screen. After that, say goodbye to the mice in the house!

11. Anti Rat Sonar

This application relies on ultrasonic sound with a frequency of 18-23 kHz to repel mice. The sound produced will only make mice uncomfortable. No noise is produced when you use this application because only mice can hear it.

In addition to having features that are good enough to repel mice, Anti Rat Sonar is also superior in how to use it. Because, you only need to click once and this application will run automatically. Very easy,  right?

12. Mouse repellent sound

Next, we recommend Mouse repellent sound. This application has a similar concept to the previous applications. The reason is, Mouse repellent sound also relies on ultrasonic sound to repel mice. The advantage of this application is the friendly interface because you just have to click once and let the Mouse repellent sound make a sound to repel mice. Easy, right?


There is another good app to repel mice, ANTI RATS SOUND. This is an application developed by developer  neo_ega. In this application, neo_ega claims that ANTI-RAT SOUND can repel mice by only relying on the sound that will be issued from this application.

Later, users will see several choices of sound frequencies that mice will not like. All you have to do is select the frequency of the sound needed to repel mice and move it closer to an area where mice are common. Easy,  right?

14. Mouse repellent sound simulator

As the name of the application implies, this Mouse repellent sound simulator is just a simulation, aka it can’t really repel mice. Even so, this application is made like a real application that can repel mice  , you know.

The reason is,  the interface that is displayed feels very real, because you can choose the frequency of the sound produced. The sound frequency options are also very diverse, such as 331kHz, 710kHz, and up to thousands of kHz! Want to try the app?

15. Anti Rat Repeller – BRN Games

If you want to repel mice by relying on an Android cellphone, then you can try downloading Anti Rat Repeller. This is an application that is claimed to be able to repel and make mice reluctant to come back to the house. Because the Anti Rat Repeller will make a sound that mice will not like. That’s why mice can be driven out of the house easily.

Well, those were some reviews about the mouse repellent sound application for Android. You can download all these applications for free via your Android smartphone. If you also have problems with mosquitoes,

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