13 Best Screen Recorder Apps for Android Phones

Have you seen video tutorials about Android on Youtube? There you will definitely see the video was created by recording the Android screen. Yes, to make a tutorial, we do need a tool to record the screen of the gadget that we are using at that time.

Recording the Android screen can actually be done manually with the camera. However, recording with a camera of course the results are not very clear. Therefore, you have to use a special application to record them.

Well, if you use an Android smartphone or tablet, then you can consider some Android screen recorder applications that will look for the following review signals. This application can be used on devices that have been rooted or without root.

1. Mobizen – No Root


Mobizen offers several features that you may not find in other similar applications, ranging from sending SMS from your desktop, transferring files to your PC, and streaming videos through your desktop screen.

By pressing just one button, Mobizen will record activity on your cellphone screen with FullHD resolution. Why is this app one of the best? Because Mobizen is very easy to use and without root .

If some other screen recorder applications are only compatible with devices using the Android Lollipop operating system, Mobizen can already be used on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) devices and above.


2. XRecorder

Screen Recorder & Video Recorder

With over 50 million downloads and a 4.7 rating by over 1 million reviewers, Screen Recorder & Video Recorder – XRecorder is one of the most reliable screen recorder apps by Android users.

Three things that identify this application are that there is no watermark or watermark, no root required, and no recording time limit. Thus, users can record their mobile screen safely and conveniently.

Screen Recorder & Video Recorder – XRecorder has dozens of features , such as supporting all videos, recording gameplay, exporting custom Full HD videos, and so on.


3. AZ Screen Recorder – No Root

AZ Screen Recorder android screen recorder app

If you are using a device with Android Lollipop operating system, AZ Screen Recorder is a great choice for screen recording. This app can be installed without the need to root your device. Besides that, you can use AZ Screen Recorder for a long period of time without any time limit.

AZ Screen Recorder is capable of recording device screens in HD or FullHD quality. By using the Magic Button contained in this application, you can record activities in an application. So viewers can’t see anything on your screen except the app that’s currently running.

The application offered by Hecorat has been downloaded 5 million times by Android users. Are you also interested in downloading AZ Screen Recorder ?


4. Vidma Recorder

13 Best Screen Recorder Apps for Android Phones 4

Vidma Recorder is an all-in-one screen recorder and video editor application that can be used for free or for free! This app has been downloaded more than 10 million times on the Play Store with generally positive reviews.

With Vidma Recorder you can record screen in high quality (1080p, 60fps) for free. You can also perform screen recording with or without sound. Also, you don’t need to root to record screen with Vidma Recorder.

Not only screen recording, Vidma Recorder also provides a number of video editing features. Examples include playing, trimming or trimming videos, adding music to videos, controlling video speed, and so on.


5. Screen Recorder – Record your screen

Screen Recorder - Record your screen

Want a free app for screen recording? Don’t worry, we have a recommendation for you, namely Screen Recorder – Record your screen. This is a nice and smooth application when it comes to recording activities on the screen. The reason is, this application promises clear and professional audio. Best of all, this Screen Recorder – Record your screen offers unlimited screen recording.

Yes, you can record as many screens as you want for an unlimited amount of time, be it minutes or hours. Also, Screen Recorder – Record your screen is equipped with a  shake  feature that can  stop/pause  while recording the screen. Cool,  right ? Want this app? You can directly  download  it.


6. NO-ROOT Record Screen to Video

NO-ROOT Record Screen to Video

Furthermore, there is an application that has received a 3.7 rating from Android users on the Google Play Store, namely NO-ROOT Record Screen to Video. This application, which was initiated by Screen Capture Video Tools, offers convenience in recording all activities carried out on your smartphone screen.

This application will record the screen at 24 fps, so the video looks more HD and professional. Unlike other similar applications, NO-ROOT Record Screen to Video does not leave a watermark on the results of this video. In addition, you can directly install this application without the need to root your smartphone.


7. Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder

Not to be outdone by  other developers  , AppSmartz is also one of the developers of Android screen recording applications. Is Screen Recorder, an application that allows you to record screen on Android easily and of course safely.

Here you only need to activate the application first, then click  play  to immediately record the screen. If you have finished recording, then you can save the results on the SD Card. Very easy and simple,  right? Immediately download the Screen Recorder application.


8. Screen Recorder – Free No Ads

Screen Recorder - Free No Ads

Want to use an app to record screen without ads? Then you can make the best choice on Screen Recorder – Free No Ads. This is an application made by  developer Kimcy929  which already provides a variety of interesting features in it.

With this application, you can do screen recording while taking selfies. Not only that, even Screen Recorder – Free No Ads provides a feature where you can add stickers or images to your recorded video. Interesting?


9. Super Screen Recorder

Super Screen Recorder–No Root REC & Screenshot

Super Screen Recorder–No Root REC & Screenshot is true to its name, which is to record the screen without the need to  root and can also be used to take  screenshots.

Here also provided a pretty good video quality, 1080P, 12Mbps, 60FPS. In fact, this application can also be used for video editing, and making GIFs, which are equipped with a  brush tool. Complete,  right ?


10. ADV Screen Recorder

ADV Screen Recorder

ADV Screen Recorder is one of the best screen recording apps out there. It is noted that so far, more than 90,000 Android users have installed ADV Screen Recorder on their cellphones. What are the advantages that ADV Screen Recorder offers? Of course, there are many, some of which are friendly interfaces for all circles. So, users don’t have to worry about how to use it.

In addition, ADV Screen Recorder is made with two different designs, namely default and advanced. Both can be selected according to need. Well, what makes ADV Screen Recorder different from other applications is the presence of video editing. So, when you’re done recording the screen, then you can edit it right away. Very complete,  right? Come on, immediately get the application.


11. Rec. (Screen Recorder)

Still with the Android screen recorder application, this time Rec. (Screen Recorder) could be a smart choice for you. In the application, Rec. (Screen Recorder) offers a myriad of beneficial features. Not only that, Rec. (Screen Recorder) also has  a simple interface  that makes it easier for you to record screen on Android.

If you use the free version, then you will be limited to some things. However, Rec. (Screen Recorder) is also available in pro version where you can record unlimited screens. In fact, with the Rec. (Screen Recorder) pro, you can use  the mic  while recording the screen. If interested, you can immediately get the application.


12. Game Screen Recorder

Game Screen Recorder

Don’t worry about the app name. Game Screen Recorder is not only able to record the screen while you are playing games  The reason is, this application can also record any screen as long as you are using an Android device.

In the application, Game Screen Recorder can be directly used for Android users at least with Lollipop OS. Also, Game Screen Recorder doesn’t limit you to screen recording. So, you can be content to record as much screen as you want with unlimited duration. Pretty complete,  right? 


13. Lollipop Screen Recorder

Lollipop Screen Recorder

As the name implies, this Lollipop Screen Recorder is intended for Android Lollipop v5.0 and above. You need to know that this application can be directly used to record the screen without the need to root first. The easy interface of this application allows you to directly record the screen without the hassle.

This application is officially registered on the Google Play Store, so you don’t have to worry if this application will contain a virus once installed. Lollipop Screen Recorder is a smart choice for those of you who use Android smartphones Lollipop v5.0 and above, this application can be directly downloaded for free.

This screen recording activity is usually done to make tutorials, record the game being played, etc. Whatever your goal is to record the screen of your smartphone or gadget, make sure you use an additional application to make it easier to record the screen. Which screen recorder app will you download?


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