13 Best Presentation Apps Other Than Powerpoint

Powerpoint is one of the software that is always relied on to make quality presentations. Software made by Microsoft is indeed popular throughout the world. However, did you know that there are many other similar applications that you can also rely on when you want to make presentations?

Wel will provide information about applications for interesting presentations. In fact, the application that we will review here is very feasible to replace the existence of Microsoft Powerpoint. Curious what applications can be used for presentations? Let’s see the full list below.

1. Visme


Visme offers all the tools you need for presentations. Not just an application for ordinary presentations, Visme also provides infographics, data visualizations, reports, product demos, and resumes. You can also use the templates provided by this application.

Not only that, the HD background display and layout presented by Visme look very professional. This app is packed with millions of free images, thousands of vector icons, graphic tools, and hundreds of fonts. You can create visual content with Visme by adding animation, full interactivity, and audio. What are you waiting for, immediately download Visme right now?


2. Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck app for presentations

This Cloud-based presentation application is often considered a mobile alternative to Prezi and Powerpoint. Haiku Deck offers 27 different types of templates and 35 million stock photos. You can view and edit each Haiku Deck slide with your iPhone or iPad. It’s also easier to export presentations you create with Haiku Deck to PDF, Powerpoint, and Keynote with this app.

Although the customization options in this application are limited, Carisignal claims that the visuals offered by this application are quite strong. You can try a free trial of Haiku Deck before subscribing by paying USD $ 5 per month.


3. Emaze


A simple presentation tool that uses HTML5 it can run on any browser or on different devices, including Chromebooks or other tablet brands. Emaze is specially designed for users who want to create easy presentations in just a few minutes.

Emaze offers a professional look in the form of 2D and 3D templates. Want to make a presentation in the form of a video? Of course, Emaze can do it. You can also access your presentation results online because this is a Cloud-based application. Create powerful visualization presentations with Emaze .


4. Prezi


Want Cloud-based software for nonlinear presentations? Maybe this application for presentations can be the right choice. Prezi is an application that can view and edit presentations from any device. All the presentations you create will be stored in the Cloud, but Prezi can also be used offline.

Prezi provides quite advanced image editing tools. Sharing and collaborating with others is also easier with this interesting app. Prezi is the ideal presentation app for students, lecturers, speakers, and corporate staff.


5. Keynote


If Windows relies on Microsoft Powerpoint, on Apple devices you can rely on Keynote. This is the app Apple was hoping for, because Keynote looks smart, sophisticated, and intuitive. Keynote is packed with powerful supporting features, from the ability to create interactive graphics, add reflections, and frame images.

There are more than 30 cinematic effects for text and objects provided by Keynote. Plus, it’s easier to edit and view the presentations you’ve created using your iPhone or iPad. You need to know that the price of this Keynote application is USD 19.99. However, you can get this app for free if you use a Mac.


6. LibreOffice


There is another great application that you can access online to create a cool and unique presentation, LibreOffice. In this application, LibreOffice offers unique and interesting features and tools to make your presentations not boring.

Not only that, even LibreOffice is diligent to upgrade in more interesting features. The newest feature that has just been installed is the presence of the ePUB Export File. What’s even better, LibreOffice can also work smarter by joining  Spreadsheets,  you know. Want to try?


7. Slides


Next, there’s Cloud-based software that offers a solid and user-friendly alternative to Powerpoint. Slides will complement the presentation you make with Powerpoint so that it looks more interesting. Slide is an editor that allows you to add backgrounds, use various designs and themes, and make it easy for you to collaborate with others.

Access your presentations in Slides with any available device. This application that is suitable for beginners is also equipped with the ability to be accessed offline. Slides charge USD $6 per month for each user.


8. Slidedog


Have you ever had trouble switching between slides, websites, video players, and PDFs when you were presenting in front of a large crowd? Now, with this application for presentations, people who are listening to your presentation don’t have to look at your desktop screen when you have to switch to a different file type.

Slidedog is a multimedia presentation application that allows you to make presentations better by combining Powerpoint slides, Prezi presentations, video clips, PDF files, and web pages. Interested in trying Slidedog? Download this smart app right now.


9. Slidebean


Don’t have time to design your own presentation? Well, you can rely on Slidebean, one of the smarter and more intuitive alternatives to Powerpoint. All you have to do when using Slidebean is input the content that will be used for the presentation, then this application will work on your presentation according to the design and format you want.

How, you are interested in using this application? Well, to try Slidebean, you only need to spend USD $ 10 for each month.


10. Zoho Show

Zoho Show

It is a traditional online-based presentation application. Zoho Show is online software that allows you to create and access presentations from any browser or internet-connected device.

With Zoho Show, you can put eye-catching animations and transitions into your presentation materials. With this application, you can also import files in .ppt, .pptx, .pps, .ppsx, .odp, and .sxi formats. This tool also supports you to collaborate with other people, and other people can even leave comments on the presentations you create with Zoho Show .


11. Focusky


Want to make a presentation that is creative and not boring? Then you can try to make it in Focusky. This is an offline application where users can create elegant and attractive applications.

There are many features that you can use to make your presentation better, for example by utilizing mind-mapping and also various kinds of modern 3D effects. Not only that, there are even transition and animation effects that make your presentation more interesting. Let’s make the best presentation on Focusky !


12. Academic Presenter

Academic Presenter

The ease of making attractive presentations is also offered by the  Academic Presenter application. This application can also be operated offline. The advantage of the features in this application is that you can create attractive graphics in a presentation. In fact, you can share the results online in the form of blogs, emails, and more.


13. Project


Want to make a presentation that is equipped with a real-time story? A project is reliable software for this. You can retrieve material from RSS Feeds, tweets, and images on Flickr. Also, use the videos found on Youtube and Vimeo as material for your presentations.

Projects can be accessed from various types of devices, so you can edit and view your own presentations with other devices. The project can also import Powerpoint and PDF files. How much does it cost to be able to use Project? The project can be used for free, you know. But unfortunately, currently, Project is no longer accessible.

Feeling stuck or bored when making presentation materials with Powerpoint? That’s a sign you should try one of the applications for the presentations above. With these various applications, you can make presentations that are more interesting and not boring anymore.


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