09 Most amazing places to see in the Irish capital Dublin

01 Visit Trinity College

Trinity College attracts a lot of visitors from all over the world every year. Founded in 1592 by Isabella I, it is one of the most prestigious places in Ireland, a must on your trip to Dublin.

Thinkers such as Jonathan Swift, Oscar Wilde, Bram Stoker and Samuel Beckett studied at this university.

A must see are the gardens, which offer calm and tranquility to students and visitors.

Trinity College Gardens

02 The Cathedral of San Patrizio

St. Patrick’s cathedral is one of the most important cathedrals in all of Ireland and one of the oldest Christian buildings in the capital. Over the centuries it was damaged several times but the Guinness family took charge of the renovations.

An unmissable gem!

St. Patrick's Cathedral

03 Christ Church

In addition to St. Patrick’s Cathedral, another thing to do is to visit Christ Church Cathedral, a must-see on your trip to Dublin. Dating back to 1172, it stands on an ancient Viking church. Due to its shape, concerts are often held here.

This place is also famous for a legend: it is common belief that there is a gallery that connects the crypt to the current Four Courts. It is said that one day a soldier was locked inside the latter for a month and that they found him dead surrounded by the corpses of the rats he killed.

Christchirch Cathedral in Dublin

04 Dublin Castle

For many years it was the symbol of British power over the Irish. In fact the fortress is Norman, built by Giovanni Senza Terra . Absolutely to visit for the beauty of the stuccoes and halls inside. One of the most beautiful rooms is the ancient ballroom called Saint Patrick’s Hall , now used to celebrate ceremonies.

Dublin Castle

05 Merrion Square

This square is very important because many famous people lived here such as the young Oscar Wilde, whose statue located in the center of the garden can be admired, the politician Daniel O’Connell, the poet WB Yeats and the artist George Russell.

All of them lived here, at different civics, in this Georgian-style square with colorful doors, manicured gardens and ornate facades.

Oscar Wilde statue in Merrion Square.

06 See hurling and gaelic football

If you are a sports lover, one thing to do in Dublin is to go and see Ireland’s two unique sports: hurling and gaelic football.

 Hurling is a sport of Celtic origin that is played outdoors with a club (hurley) and a ball (sliotar). The aim of the game is to accumulate as many points as possible by scoring goals in the opponent’s network.

Gaelic football, in Italian Gaelic football, is a rugby-like game in which two teams of 15 members try to score points by throwing the ball into the goal. Matches are always held in Dublin’s Croke Park Stadium and tickets are snapped up.

A nice experience in the days you will spend in the Irish capital.

Hurley bat and sliotair ball for the game of hurling

07. Glasnevin

Do you love the mystery? The legends and the great stories? You can’t miss the Glasnevin Cemetery!

This large mortuary complex houses the great protagonists of Irish history. Thanks to the National Graves Association it is also possible to participate in guided tours to discover these historical figures who have done a lot for the greatness of this country.

Glasnevin Cemetery

08 River Liffey

The city of Dublin is crossed by the River Liffey and divided into two parts connected by several bridges. Among the most famous we can mention the Penny Bridge .

Enjoy a day on the boat, many companies organize city tours along the river.

The best accommodations such as hostels and hotels are located on the north side of the river.

River Liffey with Penny Bridge, famous to see in Dublin.

09 Attend St. Patrick’s Day

One thing to do if you are in Dublin during the March period is definitely to attend the holiday in honor of St. Patrick, St. Patrick’s day , the national patron saint of Ireland.

Celebrations normally take place on March 17th unless they coincide with other holidays, it is a holiday that is very much felt throughout the country. A unique opportunity to fully experience Irish traditions.

Irish flag with four leaf clover. St. Patrick's Day.

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