08 Apps to Watch Free Movies Without Downloading

Watching movies doesn’t always have to be at the cinema. You can do it at home by streaming. In early 2016, one of the largest streaming sites in the world, Netflix, was officially launched. However, not everyone can use Netflix because it is a paid streaming site.

The solution to watching cheap movies without having to go to the cinema or buy pirated DVDs is to stream them through your device. Some of these applications for watching free movies without downloading can be an alternative for those of you who want to watch legal films without paying. Here is the list.

1. iflix

Want to watch movies of all genres? There is a solution, namely downloading the iflix application. This application provides various kinds of films, ranging from Indonesian,  western,  Japanese, Korean, and even Thai films here. In addition to having a large collection of films, the iflix application also provides various subtitles,.

For users who want to watch on iflix for free, there will be ads while watching. In addition, not all movies on iflix are available for free, because some movies can only be accessed for VIP users. But don’t worry, both free and VIP users can still enjoy the spectacle with a high resolution


2. saw

Maybe some people think that Viu only serves Korean dramas. But in fact, Viu is not just presenting Korean dramas,  you know. With this Viu app, you can watch western, Thai, Chinese and even Bollywood movies.

In addition to having a large collection of films and dramas, Viu has the advantage that all films on Viu use subtitles. However, don’t be surprised if there are always ads appearing while watching because Viu is a free application.

If you are bothered by advertisements on Viu, then you can become a Viu customer by purchasing a Viu premium package.


3. Viki

Viki is a streaming service under the auspices of the Japanese e-commerce company Rakuten. The Viki app has been downloaded more than 10 million times on the Play Store, making it a popular one on this list.

Generally, the content on Viki is in the form of titles of Asian dramas and films as well as TV shows from Korea, Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, and Thailand. Interestingly, the titles of content on Viki can be watched for free, even without ads and without the need to log in or login!



4. Saw

Vidio is a local streaming service that offers local and international TV channels, the best movies and series as well as interesting and entertaining videos. So far the Vidio app has been downloaded more than 10 million times on the Play Store.

You can enjoy some of the content titles in the video for free, you know. The Vidio application can be downloaded.


5. TV

WeTV is a reliable source of original dramas, movies, and variety shows. Several excellent features are available on WeTV in order to provide a pleasant viewing experience.

Some of them are category selection where movies, dramas, and variety shows are categorized in different pages, continue watching to help users remember where the movie section was watched, and start right from that section to subtitles/translations.


6. iQIYI

iQIYI is another legal streaming service that offers a number of content titles that can be played for free. However, you have to wait for the ads to finish if you want to watch free titles on iQIYI. If this is not a problem for you, obviously the free content on iQIYI is quite satisfying.

If you are an anime lover, iQIYI also provides several popular anime titles that are free to access anytime and anywhere. Call it One Piece, Haikyuu, Sword Art Online, to Digimon in iQiYi. If you have the intention of subscribing to iQIYI, don’t forget to check the initial subscription promo which can be obtained at a very cheap price.


7. Vision+

Previously Vision+ was called MNC Now and started using its current name in 2020. Vision+ offers broadcasts from local and premium channels, ranging from sports broadcasts, box office movies, entertainment shows, dramas, and so on.

Thousands of hours of national and international films and TV series available on Vision+ consist of various genres, such as comedy, romantic, family, action, or horror. we tried to play some content titles on Vision+ after installation and registration and it can be done for free.

However, we don’t know if Vision+’s free content can be enjoyed all the time or only for a trial (after the list stated it’s a free trial for 7 days). So, you can ask Vision+ directly for more information.



The choice of the content offered in the CATCHPLAY+ application is quite diverse. In addition to paid and rental content, CATCHPLAY+ also provides a variety of content that can be accessed for free.

In addition to some free movie titles, you can also watch a number of dramas without paying. However, not all episodes of these dramas are free for you to watch. Usually, you can only watch the first one to three episodes for free, then pay. This of course allows you to determine whether the drama is suitable for you to continue watching or not.


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